Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan's dancing performance went viral.

While performing the song “Naa Ready” from Thalapathy Vijay’s “Leo,” Shikhar Dhawan wowed the internet with his impressive dance skills.

Users have been recording videos of themselves dancing to the catchy tune “Naa Ready,” which will be included in the upcoming film “Leo” starring Thalapathy Vijay. Shikhar Dhawan, star of the Indian cricket team, participated in the craze by showing off his dance talents in a video shared on Twitter by Sony Music South. Dhawan did a fantastic job of recreating the song’s choreography, and the video has received widespread acclaim online.

During an earlier interview with Sports Tak, Dhawan conceded that his marriage had “failed,” but he refused to place blame on anyone but himself.

I was unsuccessful since it was the individual’s choice in the end. My character trait is not to assign blame. Since I lacked expertise in that area, I was doomed to fail. I certainly wouldn’t have known 20 years ago what I know now about cricket. Learn by doing, as the saying goes.

The first batter admitted that he has not finalized his divorce. He didn’t completely dismiss the idea of “remarriage,” but he’s not giving it much thought right now.

My divorce proceeding is now ongoing. If I decide to remarry in the future, I will be much more experienced and knowledgeable in that area. The type of woman I need, one to share my life with, will become clear to me. When I was 26–27 and still actively performing, I was not in a serious relationship. In the past, I enjoyed life but never had a serious partner.

That’s why I couldn’t see the warning signs when I fell in love. But now, if I ever fall in love, I will be able to recognize the warning signs. I will leave if any of the warning signs appear. In any case, I’ll keep going,” he continued.

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