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Match  Details:

Date: 18/04/2021                         

Time: 10.00PM                                                                                                                                Venue :  Estadio  Municipal  de  Mirando  do  Carvo            

Coimbra Knights   vs   Oporto Cricket Club 

Preview:This is the 25th match of  the tournament between Coimbra Knights  and  Oporto Cricket Club  .  Coimbra Knights Lost their last match by 6 wickets against Malo . In the last match Coimbra Knights Opener batsmen Pedro Madeira has scored 37 runs at a strike rate of 127.6 whereas, MD Zaman (WK) has scored 24 runs at a strike rate of 100.0. In previous match Coimbra Knights bowler Lovey Saini took 2 wickets & Miguel Stoneman & Parth Mukesh took 1-1 wickets. Oporto Cricket Club win their last match against Malo . In the last match Oporto Cricket Club second down  batsmen Junaid Khan has scored 49 runs at a strike rate of 172.0 .  In previous match Oporto Cricket Club bowler  performance very well John Zinkus , Junaid Khan & Raghu Raman  took  2-2-2  wickets.

Pitch  Report:The  pitch  which  is  helpful    bowling . The  pace  bowlers  will  get  70%  help  on  the  pitch  due  to  the  cloudly  weather .This  pitch  has  been decent  for  Pace  Bowler   based  on  the  previous  records.  Spinner  bowlers  will  have  to  work  very  hard  on  this  pitch. Whichever  team  wins  the  toss  will  decide  to  bat first  because  it  is   easier  to  bat  first  than  it  is  to  chase.

Stats  and  Records:  (Last  5  T10  Matches)

The  Team  Coimbra Knights:

Total  Match  Played: 5 , Win  1

Last 5  T10  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Coimbra Knights:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

P Waddup:4,26,8,75,47

P Madeira:56,27,2,6,3

MD Zaman(WK):32,5,20,12,23

 M Stoneman(AR):41,80,6,8,-3

T Madeira(AR):10,27,6,36,22

Top  Bowler:

C Redhead:6,85,22,87,76

Q Hameed:12,39,79,6,37

L Saini:72,8,6,30,11

Stats  and  Records:  (Recent  Form)

The  Team  Oporto Cricket Club:

Total  Match  Played 4,  Win 0

Last  5  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Oporto Cricket Club:

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

R Raghu:41,74,29,92,3

J Zinkus:7,58,47,35,104

P Rajani(WK):-2,91,10,3

A Chambers(AR):65,48,31,0

JK II(AR):28,59,61,2

Top Bowler:

N Charles:(75,9

SA Rashid:29,14

Squad(Coimbra Knights):  Francoise Stoman, Chris Redhead, Andrew Winter, Tony Madeira, Pedro Madeira, MD Zaman, Buks Stoneman, Panda Waddup, Parth Mukesh, Tom Nicholas, Miguel Stoneman, Colin McCluskie, Guprit Sandhu, Sukwinder Singh, Mohit Sharma , Lovey Saini

Squad(Oporto Cricket Club): Kanaka Sabhapathy, Junaid Khan, Raghu Raman, Premal Rajani, Rakesh Chandrasekaran, Anthony Chambers, Nigel Jordan, John Zinkus, James Graham,, Neil Charles, Euan Mackay, Adam Mackay, Muhammad Ali Awan, Syed Rashid, Suraj Peshawaria, Kuppuswamy Niranjankumar, Thomas Rogerson, Mark Weeks, John Rogerson, Jack Cunningham, Jonathan Cooles, Patrick Butcher, Alexandre Camelo, Bhavin Sorathiya, Travis Cunningham, Sanath Gunawardena, Andrew Machaj, Mike Shannon, Abhishek RajeshMian Mehmood (c), Zulfiqar Shah, Rana Sarwar, Aamer Ikram, Assad Mehmood, Sulaman Mian, Zafar Ali, Shan Aziz, Jayesh Popat, Najam Shahzad, Amir Zaib, Syed Maisam, Syed Ali, Yasir Sabir, Raj Popat

Probable XI: Coimbra Knights   

  1. L Saini
  2. T Nicholas
  3. P Madeira
  4. MD Zaman(WK)
  5. P Waddup
  6. Q Hmaeed
  7. C Redhead©
  8. P Mukesh
  9. A Winter
  10. M Stoneman
  11. T Madeira

Probable XI: Oporto Cricket Club

  1. P Rajani
  2. K Sabhapathy
  3. A Chambers
  4. N Charles
  5. A Camelo
  6. J khan
  7. J Zinkus
  8. R Raman
  9. T Rogerson
  10. S Peshawaria
  11. J Rogerson

Fantasy Team;

Captain: P Madeira

Vice  Captain- M Stoneman

Keeper – M Zaman, P Rajani

Batsmen –  P Madeira(C), R Raman, P Waddup, J Zinkus

All-rounders –  M Stoneman(VC),  J Khan

Bowlers –  C Redhead, N Charles, L Saini

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