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Daryl Mitchell and Glenn Phillips the only fresh faces in New Zealand Cricket’s 20 deep national contract list.

Mitchell and Phillips are the only two players to be awarded central contracts for the 2021-22 season.

Players have until May 22 to approve or degrade offers under the NZC Master Treaty.

Kusal Perera, who will lead the ODI series against Bangladesh in Sri Lanka, said he wanted the team to play without fear and trust.

On Thursday, after being named ODI Sri Lankan skipper, Kusal Perera said his side had to play cricket without fear in order to win more cricket matches. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) named an 18-member ODI series squad against Bangladesh on Wednesday. The team will leave for Bangladesh on 16 May and the Youth and Sports Minister, Namal Rajapaksa, has given his permission. Sri Lanka will be headed by Kusal Perera and his three-game ODI deputy, Kusal Mendis.

“We have to win matches with fearless cricket. You can’t be afraid to lose. You won’t give 100 percent if you’re worried about your spot. What I’ll tell the players is to go and give it all. If we play without fear and though we practice, we will play in a match in the same way. That’s what I told the team about. If we’re afraid, we’re going to sink even more. I am trying to create a community of a lot of trust among the players, “As Perera said, ESPNcricinfo quoted Perera.

The ODI Super League’s three-match series will take place on the 23rd, 25th, and 28th of May in a bio-blue stretch from a team hotel to the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka.

Sri Lanka will be arriving in Dhaka on 16 May, followed by a quarantine of three days. On May 21, the visitors will play a practice match.

  It didn’t fit for me every time I played with anxiety. That’s how I want everyone else to play. You can’t promise you will play properly this way, but things are more likely to go well “Perera said. 

 you can play without hesitation if you’re 100 percent positive of the shot you’re playing. You must consider your shortcomings and abilities. Where should the ball be to reach me? Will I get into trouble when I touch it? You have to understand why. If you’re a bowler, you need to know which ball will help you bowl a wicket. These aspects encourage you to play without fear. As a fielding team, you all have the same ethos, and I have great expectations for the next series of Bangladesh on our ground, “He added that.

After the ODI series is concluded on 28 May, the Sri Lankan team will leave the next day. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh recently played a pair of two-game tests, contested by the former. Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh in the second test by 209 runs, although the first was a draw.

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