Rohit Sharma 
Pandya plays in the IPL for the Mumbai Indians' all-around team.


The Mumbai Indians’ Hardik Pandya is a key cog in the machine.

It was the 2015 season when Hardik Pandya first played in the Indian Premier League for Mumbai Indians.

With the Mumbai Indians, Hardik has four IPL championships to his name.

There will be a big auction in December with many teams restructuring their core, looking to the future, with the IPL set to be a 10-team affair after RP-SG bought Pune and CVC owned Ahmedabad franchises respectively.

When it comes to the players on their 2022 retention list, the five-time champion Mumbai Indians are confident enough to send colorful all-rounder Hardik Pandya back into the IPL auction pool. There will be a big auction in December with many teams restructuring their core, looking to the future, with the IPL set to be a 10-team affair after RP-SG bought Pune and CVC owned Ahmedabad franchises respectively. The core of Mumbai Indians (MI), one of the best IPL teams over the last 14 seasons, will remain largely the same, but one player who has evolved from a traditional all-rounder to more of a specialist batter could be absent.

“BCCI, I believe, will use a formula that retains three players while only allowing one Right to Match card per match. In the absence of RTM, there may be as many as four retentions. In the Indian team, there are no surprises. Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah lead the way with their respective bats.

“Third-year pro-Kieron Pollard will be kept on as the team’s quarterback. Due to these three being MI’s pillars, the strength of MI lies in their consistency “According to a senior IPL official, franchise retention is a hot topic.

“Hardik’s chances of being retained by MI are currently less than 10%. Even if he performs better than anyone else in the remaining T20 World Cup games, the chances are still slim. Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan are the front-runners if there is only one RTM “an official from the IPL added.

Hardik is not the feared all-rounder he was two years ago, and this is the sole reason MI does not want to keep him.

His back may never allow him to bowl as fast as he once did as a fast-medium bowler again. As long as his average pace remains around 130 km/h, no IPL team will take a chance on him solely because of his batsmanship.

If Hardik comes in under MI’s predetermined budget, he may still be selected from the auction.
“If MI needs to pick someone from the auction, they’ll do so as long as they’re within a certain budget. The top five MI players are Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Kieron Pollard, Suryakumar Yadav, and Ishan Kishan, in that order “the insider from the IPL said.

Shreyas Iyer may depart the Delhi Capitals in search of a more prominent leadership position.

Shreyas Iyer, one of India’s best batsmen, is not expected to play in the Indian Premier League next year for Delhi Capitals. He wants a leadership role, according to sources close to the cricketer. However, the Delhi Capitals are unlikely to give him the captaincy back now that Rishabh Pant has also led the team to the IPL playoffs this season.

Delhi has made it to the playoffs twice under Iyer’s leadership, including its first-ever appearance in the 2020 season’s championship game.

Due to his track record of accomplishments, Iyer wishes to make himself available for future leadership positions.

One can assume that he will be one of the future captains of one of the two new franchises that have recently entered the market as well as some others like the Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings who are always on the lookout for new captains.

Before the auction, new franchises may select three players from a pool.

Before the auction, the BCCI may allow the two new franchises (Lucknow and Ahmedabad) to select three players from the available pool in order to create a more level playing field for all teams.

“The idea is to give new groups a chance to develop a strong foundation. Modalities, such as fees and whether a specific player is willing to be selected before the auction, must obviously be worked out.

“Most top franchises will keep the “big boys” of Indian cricket and international cricket, so the two new franchises need a level playing field as well.. However, this is something that is still being thought about, “a BCCI official told Reuters.

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