Ramiz Raja
The World Cup in Oman and UAE will feature Babar Azam leading Pakistan.


Pakistan has picked Babar Azam as captain for the T20 World Cup.

I can’t give an appraisal on Babar Azam just yet: Ramiz Raja

Ramiz believes Babar has the same ability as Imran Khan and is so expecting great things from him.

The recently appointed chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, said it is “too early” for him to judge Babar Azam but noted that he shares the same expectations of success as Imran Khan.

Ramiz Raja, the new PCB chairman, said that it was “too early” for him to make a judgment on Babar Azam but noted that his hopes for Pakistan’s captain matched those he had for Imran Khan. On Monday, Ramiz Raja, a World Cup winner in 1992, was unanimously and without opposition voted to be the PCB’s 36th Chairman for a three-year tenure. In order to determine his long-term plans, Ramiz intends to get to know Babar, as well as his new responsibilities, before taking any other steps. “I have no idea what to think of him just yet. I need to understand him better. Understanding the role is crucial for me. Many of your requests as captain are for the better, but you need to have a valid reason before you issue demands “The quotes from Ramiz in ESPNcricinfo read as follows.

“I worked with him a few times and said that if he can’t manage to get 400 autograph seekers in front of the school, then cricket will have failed.”

“I miss having a player-centered coach, just like I had before. The aspirations I have for Babar are no different than what I have for Imran Khan “He further stated,

Also, on Monday, Pakistan appointed Matthew Hayden (a former Australian cricketer) and Vernon Philander (a former South African cricketer) as batting and bowling consultants.

In order to bolster the young cricket players’ skills and ensure that they are ready for the contemporary sport, Ramiz Raja aims to train youth players early by launching a U19 T20 competition to cultivate them.

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