Women's World Cup
Women's World Cup 2022 will be held in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3.

New Zealand pop star Jin Wigmore’s “Girl Gang” was named as the official song for the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022.

Gin Wigmore’s ‘Girl Gang’ has been named as the official song of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022. Kiwi pop stars are quite happy with the way it has worked. “When you send a song to the world, you never really know what will happen. You definitely have expectations for it. I think I thought it would make a great theme song for some.

A seminary track from Vigorum’s fourth album, Ivory, Girl Gang, was officially announced as the song for CWC22 on Wednesday at an event on Mount Maunganui Beach – with Wigmore longing to skydive under the sea with the sea Till the victory of terror was achieved. CWC22 Trophy.

The Girl Gang brought together five different female artists from non-musical themes to create a piece of their own artwork based on one determined from Ivory.

The project took eight months, with five new singles dropped monthly. The songs were supported by five different creations from selected female artists – one of them being a highly regarded tattooer, cartoonist, and skateboarder.

He said, “You think one should really consider the way the music is released, and it appears as if it had a longer life than an album.”

The essence of Girl Gang celebrates women coming together to “fight against a society that so often pits us against each other and tears us down.”

The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 will be held in New Zealand from 4 March to 3 April. It will have 31 matches at 31 places, with 31 action-packed days.

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