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Shikhar Dhawan, from a picture archive

There are a lot of fascinating people playing cricket for India.

There are a lot of colorful characters on the Indian cricket team. Two of them are Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal. Once upon a time, the wrist-spin tandem was dubbed “Kulcha” because they were such a formidable force on the cricket pitch. As of the 2023 Indian Premier League season, Kuldeep is with the Delhi Capitals and Chahal is with the Rajasthan Royals. During an IPL-related chat program, the two discussed a recent encounter they had with Shikhar Dhawan.

That time he and Shikhi bhai did that was the finest. Chahal told Kuldeep, “When you bit Shikhi Bhaiya,” during an episode of “Breakfast with Champions.”

“Shikhi Bhai always seemed to be playing jokes on me. I, too, would make fun of him. That game with Bangladesh before the World Cup was just a warmup, right? So he came over here and did this (pulling his ears) to me. A rage-fueled bite to the face. He became irritated. He yelled, “Escape!” He was fuming with annoyance. ‘You bit me!’ he exclaimed. “You were also pulling my ear,” I remarked. After that, Kuldeep went into great detail describing what had happened.

When Kuldeep was just starting out, batting legend Tendulkar warned him about the dangers of the “IPL lifestyle,” he said.

At 17, I was selected to play for India’s Under-19 national squad. Our 2012 Australian tour coincided with the Indian Premier League. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy my time there. Around two o’clock, Sachin Sir hoped to get in at bat. I got him out while bowling to him for an hour in the nets. He talked to me for an hour and a half. I was used to saying exactly what was on my mind, so I spilled the beans on everything to him. I was honest and informed him that my time in Australia was disappointing. He reassured me that “this is only the start.” This occurs frequently. Be wary of the IPL culture, he cautioned me. Get plenty of rest and nourishing food. Kuldeep warned the contestants on Season 8 of “Breakfast with Champions” to “not wander off too much.”

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