Match Prediction

Match  Details:

Date:                    Venue                                                                                         Time                                                                                                  06/04/2021        Estadio Municipal De Mirando Do Carvo,Estadio Mun   10.00PM       

  Coimbra  Knights   VS   Gorkha  11


  This  is  the  first  match  of  the  tournament  and  both  Coimbra  Knights  and  Gorkha  11  will  try  to  register  their  first  win.
Gorkha  11  has  a  bit  more  experience  with  the  same  team  as  compared  to  Coimbra  Knights  whereas  Coimbra  Knights  has  a  good  batting  line  up . Coimbra  Knights  Batsmen   P  Madeira  &  T  Nicholas  Both  may  perform  better  for  their  team  the  same  should  sit  for  their  bowlers,  both  B  Stoneman  and  C  redheads, the performance  of  the  two  bowlers  has  been  very  good  in  last  season. Gorkha  11  has  also  a  lot  of  great  batsmen  including  H  Singh, S  Hosain  and  other  batsmen  who  can  perform  well  for  Gorkha  11. Gurkha  11  appears  stronger  than  its  stunning  bowling  lineup.This will be a great match.

Pitch Report:
The  pitch  which  is  helpful  for  both  batting  and  bowling,  because  this balanced  pitch. The  pace  bowlers  will  get  70%  help  on  the  pitch.This  pitch  has  been decent  for  Pace  Bowler   based  on  the  previous  records.  Spinner  bowlers  will  have  to  work  very  hard  on  this  pitch.There  is  no  chance  of  rain  because  of  this  we  will  enjoy  the  match  .

Stats  and  Records:  (Last  5 T10  Matches)
The  Team  Coimbra  Knights:

Total  Match  Played: N/A , Win  N/A

Last 5  T10  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Coimbra:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

Bat:   n/a


 A  Winter(AR):4,29,25,155,67

Top  Bowler:

C  Redhead:10,23,4,4,4

Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Gorkha  11:

The  Team  Gorkha 11:

Total  Match  Played  5 , Win  2

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

A   Alam:10,9,13,82

H  Singh:40,52,36,17,5

A  Andani (WK):25,10,59,26,14

 IK  Jr(AR):203,120,35,39,2

Top Bowler:

  Squad (Coimbra  Knights): Francoise Stoneman, Pedro Madeira, Tom Nicholas, Panda Waddup, Tony Madeira, Andrew Winter, Sukwinder Singh, Miguel Stoneman, Buks Stoneman, Chris Redhead, Lovey Saini, Parth Mukesh, Colin McCluskie, Mohit- Sharma

Squad (Gorkha11)):  Suman Ghimire, Azher Andani, Harjit Singh, Saddam Hossain Akbory, Jagroop Singh, Imran Khan Jr., Mohammad Siraj Nipo, Manjit Singh, Moshin Butt, Anurag Poudel, Rahul Bhardwaj, Rahul Biswokarma, Kamal Deeo, Suman Kunwarq                                 

Probable Playing XI:

  •           Coimbra  Knights                                           Milan  Cricket  Club
  1. F Stoneman                                                      . S  Ghimire
  2. P  Maderia                                                        .A  Andani
  3. T  Nicholas                                                        .H  Singh
  4. P  Waddup                                                        .S  Hossain
  5. T  Maderia                                                        .J  Singh               
  6. A  Winter                                                          .I  Khan
  7. S  Singh                                                             .M  Siraj  Nippo
  8. M  Stoneman                                                  .M  Singh
  9. B  Stoneman                                                   .M  Butt
  10. C  Redhead                                                    . A  Poudel
  11. L  Saini                                                             .R  Bhardwaj

Fantasy Team;

Captain – I Khan Jr

Vice-Captain – P  Maderia

Keeper – F  Stoneman , S  Ghimire

Batsmen – P  Madeira(VC), T  Nicholas, H  Singh,  S Hossain

All-rounders – T  Maderia, I  Khan  Jr (C),

Bowlers – B  Stoneman, M  Butt, C  Redhead

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