Match Prediction

Match  Details:

Date:                      Venue                                           Time                                                                                                  06/04/2021           Milan  Cricket  Ground             07.00PM

  Albano   VS   Milan  Cricket  Club


  Vijay  Kumar  Wartia , Ajay  Kumar , &  Jasvir  Kumar   are  the  vital  players from  the  Albano team. Praveen  Kumar  &  Monu  Lal  performed  very  well in  last  season. Albano  Cricket  Club  are  in  good  form .Andrea  Lanzoni, Pavan  Madusha  Madduma  Wellala, Kawisha  Miyurusara  Madduma  Wellala  was   Milan  Cricket  Club  top  run  scorer  in  2020

Pitch Report: This  is  a  batting  pitch. If  you  look  at  the  previous  figures, then  it seems  that it  is  behind  a  batting. 
 we can infer that this pitch is helpful for  batting . Whichever team wins the toss on this pitch will prefer bowling first. This pitch has been decent for Pace Bowler  based on the previous records.  This pitch is better for  batting   department  because  we  have  seen  any  big  scores  on  this  pitch  before,  then  we  assume that  this  pitch  is  more  beneficial  to  the  batsmen  more  than  as   a  compared  to  the  bowlers. Spinner  bowlers  will  have  to  work  very  hard  on  this  pitch.
There  is  no  chance  of  rain  because  of  this  we  will  enjoy  the  match  very  much.
 Stats  and  Records:  (Last  5 T10  Matches)

The  Team  Albano:

Total  Match  Played: N/A , Win  N/A

Last 5  T10  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Albano:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

V  Kumar:4,4,6,9,4


 J  Singh(AR): 21,114,4,87,33

 A  Ali(AR):24,100,17,10,109

Top  Bowler:


Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Milan  Cricket  Club:

The  Team  Milan  Cricket  Club:

Total  Match  Played  N/A , Win  N/A

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

AW  Awan:84,76,31,48,29

G  Singh:24,7,29



Top Bowler: N/A

Squad (Albano): Jorawar  Singh, Asim  Ali,Vijay  Kumar  Wartia, Ajay  Kumar, Jasvir  Kumar  Praveen  Kumar, Monu  Lal , Satwinder  Ram,Jatin  Sahib,  Atisham  Sajjad, Anmol  Singh, Bunty  Singh,  Shahroze  Usamn, Muhammad  Zaki, Bharti  Bangar, Vijay  Kumar,  Hardeep  Singh, Kamaljit  Singh.

Squad (Milan  Cricket  Club):  Khurram  Shahzad, Syed  Ali  Rizvi, Gurmail  Singh, Mian  Abdul  Wadood, Sansala  Sonal  Perera, Kaushik  Bhuva, Alex  Desai, Rishab  Jain, Muhib  Khan, Nand Kumar Kurup, Andrea  Lanzoni, Pavan  Madusha  Madduma  Wellala, Lawisha  Miyurusara  Maddum  Wellala, Divyajit  Vashi, Chamath  Hansaka, Indy  Pandit, Harmish  Prajapati, ,ian Abdul  Qadoos , Pramod  Kumar  Sudida,  Vijay  Thareja,  Yuvrajsinh  Mahendrasinh Vashi,  Navod Dilanka  Warnakulasuriya  .                                    

Probable Playing XI:

  •           Albano                                           Milan  Cricket  Club
  1. Vijay  Kumar  Wartia                    . Andrea  Lanzoni
  2. Ajay  Kumar                                    . Pavan  Madusha  Madduma  Wellala
  3. Jasvir  Kumar                               . Kawisha  Miyurusara  Maddum Wellala
  4. Parveen  Kumar                             . Chamath  Hansaka
  5. Monu  Lal                                        . Indy Pandit             
  6. Satwinder  Ram                             . Harmish  Prajapati
  7. Jatin Sahib                                      . Mian  Abdul  Qadoos
  8. Athisham  Sajjad                           . Pramod  Kumar  Sudida
  9. Anmol  Singh                                  . Vijay  Thareja
  10. Bunty  Singh                                   . Sayed  Ali  Rizvi
  11. Kamaljit  Singh                               . Gurmail  Singh

Fantasy Team;

Captain – P  Kumar

Vice-Captain – K  Miyurusara

Keeper – P Madusha 

Batsmen – A  Kumar, S  Ram, K  Miyurusara(VC) M  Abdul Qadoos

All-rounders – A  Ali, P  Kumar (C), A  Sajjad

Bowlers – J  Kumar, J  Sahib, H  Prajapati

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