The England cricket
The England cricket team is set to play a tour match against Australia in late December, starting on December 8th.


The Ashes Cricket League, Season 2021-22 will begin on December 8.

representative of the European Central Bank

The integrity of “The Ashes” must not be compromised in any way. BoE chief economist.

Tom Harrison, CEO of the England and Wales Cricket Board, indicated that he is “quite sure” that the upcoming Ashes tour of Australia would go on as scheduled even if Covid-19 regulations put a stop to cricket tours.

A spokesperson for the England and Wales Cricket Board, Tom Harrison, stated on Thursday that he is “quite sure” the tour of Australia in 2013 would proceed as scheduled despite the likely travel limitations that come with a coronavirus outbreak. Though many players have raised fears that their families may be unable to join them on the five-Test tour due to rigorous Australian border restrictions, the Englishmen are also concerned about a second stint in a security bubble because of previous experiences with strict border controls. Concerns of England being drawn into a quarantine scenario similar to that seen in South Australia, which forced Olympic athletes returning from Tokyo to complete an additional 14-day home quarantine even when they had already been quarantined in Sydney, have been raised.

Harrison said, “we’re working very closely with Cricket Australia and I spoke with my colleague at CA yesterday, we are in communication often about this.”

(The consensus view is that there are many right dialogues going on in Australia’s political sphere, and so we will make use of our own diplomatic channels in the UK to guarantee that the ECB (league’s governing body) and the players get their say.)

At this point, Harrison stated: “These are quite fair requests we are asking the Australian government to grant us some forbearance, and that is absolutely not unreasonable.

“We will have to ensure that we can offer support to the players and their families by assuring them that their loved ones will be able to be in Australia and that the quarantine circumstances are enough so that the players can perform at their peak in the Test series.

Do what we’re obligated to do

Over the next few weeks, this conversation will take place, but I’m optimistic we will be able to fulfill our duties to tour.

Such a decision will likely have little to no influence on either the England cricket team or the Australian cricket team, as they will both still be playing one final international match at the conclusion of the 2021-23 World Test Championship cycle.

When speaking to the ECB, Harrison made it plain that the 2021-22 Ashes will be played as planned.

He compared the Ashes to a five-Test series between England and India. “It’s imperative that the integrity of the series not be compromised, whether for political, ideological, or monetary reasons. Both Cricket Australia and ourselves realize this.

“The current concern is that we will have to go through a lengthy process in order to receive the assurances we need before we can feel comfortable with our players getting on the plane to Australia and to have confidence that they will be able to perform at their best and will not be mentally weighed down by worry about the environment.

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