Virat Kohli
ENG vs. IND: In November 2019, Virat Kohli last tested a century.


Ajit Agarkar claimed that after three innings, Virat Kohli cannot be written off

Kohli has yet to score in the continuing England Test Series for half a century

Agarkar said Kohli, “a wonderful current day,” went into nice balls

England vs India: former Indian pacemaker Ajit Agarkar gave his weight behind the skipper Virat Kohli and stated the ash batter has been good balls so far.

Former India pacemaker Ajit Agarkar stated on Monday that in his first two tests Virat Kohli was dismissed on two good balls against Fantastic Britain and that he is a great present day. The Indian skipper was distressed outside the stump and his dismissals caused the crowd concern. The first test came to an end, but India had an amazing comeback to take the second game by 151 races on the Lord’s Cricket Ground. Both sides are now going to play in the third Test at Headingley, Leeds, starting on Wednesday.

“Virat Kohli has all her bowlers available in the 2018 series against England. James Anderson had a big ball in the first test, fought hard for his 40-odd in the second test, “Agarkar responds to an ANI inquiry while interacting with selected Sony Network media.

“You’re bowling an outswinger into the corridor and knocking the ball. These are the conditions under which the ball swings and seams. Bowling is quite difficult for most batters on the fourth stump, “Agarkar remarked. Agarkar added.

“When a bowler is in the strong period, that ball Sam Curran was a good disappointment at the second Lord’s Test input. I’m sure Kohli’s going to appreciate runs and supporters all want him to run big.

“The player has enough runs in international cricket and you might want to go into the series when you don’t get runs. That may have happened.

“Wait and see, but you don’t want to write down in three innings someone who was a great modern-day,” he continued.

When ANI asked Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami about England’s disturbing short ball tactics at the second innings of Lord’s Test, Agarkar said: “The tactics were odd how long they did. If Anderson were bowling, you wouldn’t have seen it happen.

“They seemed as if they wanted to return to Bumrah because when India bowled, he bowled a few bowlers to Anderson.

Whether head coach Chris Silverwood could have entered, I do not know how their system works. I think the captain ought to be in charge.

“Joe Root is a highly experienced, tactical player. Perhaps they hoped these people would finally come out. England obviously got it wrong, “He added that.

Agarkar started about Pacer Mohammed Siraj: “I think he’s running in every ball, that was amazing. Fast bowling is not simple, it is not easy to bowl 20-25 times a day. He did so for his skipper every time Virat threw his ball at him.

“I can’t recall a single spell in which he gave 70-80%, he just gives his 100%.

“His lines are so tight, the new ball is helpful and the left-handers have been disturbed. He’s always at the batsman, no down spells are there, I’m extremely impressed with him, “He added that.

Agarkar also remarked that not too many modifications should be made in the third test because the winning combination should not be associated with them.

However, he also suggested that if the conditions are dry, Ravichandran Ashwin can be brought in.

“I can’t (many changes) imagine until situations change substantially. I guess we expect some warmer weather in the United Kingdom. I can’t fathom if it’s truly dry (any changes).

“Ashwin could be the lone alteration if there is a spinner. I can’t see why, after you won a test match, why would you change unless you had actual problems?

“As well as Shardul did in the first test, he could have to skip this test, since Ishant had a good bowl in the second,” Agarkar remarked.

When Agarkar discussed whether Cheteshwar Pujara should continue with the series, he said: “I think that in the second innings of the second test, there was a significant partnership between Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane.

“I think there will be pressure whenever you don’t get runs. It’s also the experience – they played before in these conditions.

“Even if in the second innings Pujara didn’t get 45, I hope they’d stick with him for another trial. If you start with experienced guys, at least three tests must be given to them.”

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