England vs India 
ENG versus IND: Virat Kohli will have a 2nd Lord's test together with India colleagues.


“India will not take a step backward when it is provoked”.

Kohli said prodding on the ground is “additional motivation”.

India and England will compete in the third Headingley test from 25 August.

England against India, 3rd test: India’s skipper, Virat Kohli, told Headingley that when provoked on the ground, the squad “would not take a backward step.”

Skipper Virat Kohli pondered at Lord’s on the final day of the 2nd England Test and claimed that the squad “would not take any backward steps when provoked.” Speaking during the pre-match press conference in Headingley before the third test, Kohli said that the facts on the field were not exposed during a heated final day’s Lord’s game, but that verbal volleys gave the squad “an extra impetus.” The fifth day on which Lord saw the players of both teams go together with England disclosing short bowling and a few words to Jasprit Bumrah, followed by Kohli with various English players, most notably Jos Buttler.

“This team did not take a step backward when provoked on day 5 of the second test. We are playing together, we are playing to win. We’re not allowing an opponent to take us lightly. We and they know that we will always compete, find methods to win matches, and have a chase every time it is ahead of us,” Kohli said on Tuesday.

When asked what Lord’s Indian triggered specifically, Kohli remarked, “I can’t tell you what’s said. This is equally suitable for cameras and stumping microphones from both teams. What is spoken on the ground and done now provides the team extra drive to meet and come together even stronger.

“What you want to do is perfect clarity. The intricacies need not be explained, because this is happening at the moment. It’s in competitive sport. After that, it’s what you do.”

In the 2nd innings, Bumrah and Mohammed Shami struck an unbeatable 89-run stand for the ninth wicket as India set England 272 on Day 5.

Experts, including great spinner Shane Warne, criticized England’s strategy of constantly bowling short to India’s 10 and 11 No. Root later stated that he erred in the field on the final day.

England’s short-ball tactic seemed to have responded to Bumrah bowling Anderson short balls in the first innings.

Anderson told Bumrah in his scary spell late on day 3 that he “didn’t feel like that” and suggested that Bumrah wasn’t trying to get him out.

“I didn’t feel this way, I don’t ever think in my career, I thought that he didn’t try to get me out. It was maybe 10, 11, 12 balls, no ball bowling after no-ball, and bowling short. I think he bowled two stumps I managed to dig out,” Anderson said to BBC’s Thailenders podcast.

The third test starts on Wednesday at Headingley.

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