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The World Test Championship final versus Australia will be a challenging adjustment from playing the Twenty20s to the longer version of the game, but practice with the red ball through the IPL will assist.

India’s all-rounder Axar Patel believes that his team will be better prepared to face Australia in the World Test Championship final if they made the transition from playing Twenty20s to the longer version of the game during the IPL. After spending almost two months playing Twenty20 cricket in the IPL, most of the Indian team is off to the big event. The WTC final will be played with a Dukes ball instead of the SG balls used in India’s red-ball format. However, India is ready for the double threat. The ‘Men in Blue’ have been practicing with the Dukes ball, the type of ball typically used in English conditions, to get acquainted with it.

Before the Indian Premier League ever began, we were aware of this. Axar revealed to ICC that the plan to bowl with the red ball had been considered even during the IPL.

We used red balls because that’s what we had. You’re aware of the best times to play and the length of time available. It’s going to take some time to get used to thinking about red ball instead of white ball,” Axar said.

However, the left-arm spinner insisted that the emphasis is on hitting the right area with any ball.

We’ll be playing red ball instead of white ball now. Moving from SG to Dukes requires a comparable application of skill and talent. It’s time to put your strategy and bowling rhythm into action. Bowling a good ball to a good place will be effective with any ball.

So, we’re basically doing that. We are preparing for the match by figuring out what lines and lengths will work in England, which is different from India. In the same way, everything is set to go now. In preparation for the final, which will take place at The Oval from June 7 to 11, the first group of Indian players, including Virat Kohli and Axar, arrived in London early last week.

Those who were eliminated from the IPL Playoffs were given an extension. We’ve got plenty of time to be ready, so I don’t anticipate any major issues. The Dukes’ ball, on the other hand, keeps its luster for a longer period of time. Nonetheless, we ordered the ball and were practicing with it and getting acclimated to it during the IPL,” Axar explained.

Having played the IPL in the blazing heat, the Indian team will have to swiftly adjust to the slightly cooler conditions in England.

After playing in the IPL in 40–45 degree heat in India, we decided to head back home. It’s nice to be here after that. We are wearing sweaters and boots since we have dug them out of storage. The wind is picking up, too. The climate in the UK is always a highlight of our trips there. There is no warmth, and the temperature stays slightly cool. England’s conditions favor swing bowling, in stark contrast to India’s spin-friendly surfaces.

Things are obviously different in India compared to England. The fast bowlers are more important in this situation. Axar noted that spinners had a larger influence in Indian cricket.

Both teams are operating under identical circumstances. If you bowl in the correct areas, the wind in England might help you get a nice bounce with your swing bowling.

The group is coming together gradually, but we must continue making plans. Let the bowling coach handle the logistics.


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