Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli will lead India in a five-Test series against England, which will be contested across India.


To win a Test series in England, you must be “relentlessly mad,” declared Kohli

The four-Test series begins on August 4 with India against England.

India has not won a Test series in England since 2007, under the leadership of Rahul Dravid.

England against India: India captain Virat Kohli explained that, in order to win a Test series in England, it needed “relentless madness and dedication to perfection every day.”

Virat Kohli stated Monday that to win a Test series in England, it takes “dogged lunacy” and a relentless pursuit of excellence. India will be led by Kohli in their upcoming five-match Test series against England, which begins on Wednesday. To put it another way, in order to know that I want to perform the difficult work and get myself into circumstances that are difficult in every Test match every day, it takes unrelenting madness and pursuit of excellence every day. Kohli stated to Sky Sports when asked by Dinesh Karthik, an ex-India wicket-keeper, “How will you be ready for the rigorous labor and mental stress of competing in a series in England?”

As far as Kohli is concerned, it doesn’t matter where he wins as long as the team can accomplish its goal of winning.

This implies for me to win a Test match or a Test series elsewhere in the world.

What I’m saying is, these occurrences are not only anecdotes in my life or achievements in my life.

Kohli explained, “When you get onto the field, you are there to compete and try to win every single Test match, and that is what matters to me the most because it is a culture, these are results.”

To me, the most important aspect of Indian cricket is the culture that I want to uphold, and I will do all in my power to uphold it, even if you lose a Test match.”

The only thing that is acceptable to me is to strive for victory and not play for a draw on the third or fourth day of a test match.

For me, milestones are pointless. I probably wouldn’t have nearly as much as I do if I had only competed for progress markers in my career. I have a clear perspective and we simply pursue excellence, that’s all.

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