MS Dhoni
M.S. Dhoni in CSK training

In the 2018 IPL season, MS Dhoni will captain the Chennai Super Kings.

MS Dhoni’s first practice session with the Chennai Super Kings this season drove fans into a frenzy due to his legendary position among the fanbase. An official CSK video showed the ex-Indian captain working out at Chennai’s Chepauk Stadium after dark. During the drill, Dhoni hit a couple of massive drives and smashed a ball over the bowler’s head and into the stands. Fans of CSK were overjoyed to see the veteran player back, and they praised his stroke play in anticipation of the next Indian Premier League (IPL) season. After Ravindra Jadeja’s departure at the end of the 2017–18 season, Dhoni will once again be the captain.

The first match of the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) season will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans on March 31. After a three-year hiatus, the IPL will return to its home-and-away format, with MS Dhoni playing for the CSK in Chennai.

Large numbers of people in Chennai are fans of the former India captain. As the IPL 2023 schedule was announced, former Australia opener Matthew Hayden spoke on the reception Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni will receive when he returns to the field at Chepauk after almost three years on Star Sports.

“It’s going to be incredible. Last year, I believe we were all wondering if MSD would return. He made that massive announcement at the end of the IPL season, saying that he would be returning. This means for the Yellow Army as a whole that Chennai has suddenly rallied a little bit around the superior leader, who has done it for so long. That’s the end of his IPL career. Thus, his performance in the first few games of the season is crucial not just for the fans but also for CSK “Says Hayden.

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