Salman Butt
Salman Butt criticised the below-the-belt assault on Michael Vaughan.


Salman Butt shot back for his match fixer, Michael Vaughan.

“Some people have emotional constipation,” Salman Butt said.

Butt said the “behind the belt” remarks cannot be justified.

Salman Butt, the former opener of Pakistan, referred to the “low-level thinking” of Michael Vaughan by saying that “some people are mentally constipated,” and their minds were trapped in the past.

Salman Butt replied to the fitting barb of Michael Vaughan and said “some people are mentally constipated” and their minds have remained trapped in the past. Butt said the personal attacks “behind the belt” cannot be justified. Vaughan was chastised by the former opener of Pakistan for inspiring controversy by drawing comparisons between India’s Virat Kohli and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. By launching a direct attack on Butt, Vaughan responded, reminding him of his participation in a spot-fixing scandal in 2010.

“Considering what he said; everybody who has learned to do so has perceived it to his own convenience, and I’m not going deeply. He pulled it out, pretended to be watching, but he couldn’t understand what I said because we spoke in our native language. And someone who traduced for him did not make sure he interpreted the word correctly.” According to the former YouTube channel of Pakistan opener.

“Still, there is no reason for such a response. It is under-standard and below the ribbon. Constipation is a state in which items are caught and cannot move easily. Some people suffer from mental constipation, their minds in the past becoming stuck.”

However, he chose another way, which he can do freely. He will talk about the year he describes openly. Anything that happened is gone Butt has been included, however.

“Nevertheless, this would not change the fundamental truth we spoke about. It would have been simpler if he had a justification, statistic, or experience-based observation. I don’t want to associate myself with such low-level thinking.

“It would have been nicer to talk about cricket and show our mistake with evidence and justify why he said what he said. This did not happen, however. We spoke about statistics and results based on evidence; all is straightforward and there’s no space for debate. People have the option to go below the belt.

“It determines not just what you want to do, but who you are. He will try to do so as much as possible now that he has done it. It doesn’t affect anybody else, but he only described himself “Butt has been added, however.

It all started when Vaughan compared Kane Williamson with Virat Kohli in an interview, saying that if he was an Indian, the captain of New Zealand would have been the “most important player on the planet.”

In his answer to Vaughan’s remarks, Butt chastened him for inciting unnecessary controversy and affirmed that no one is in the world better than the Indian skipper in terms of performance and statistics.

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