Match Prediction

Match  Details:

Date:                    Venue                                                                                         08/04/2021        Estadio  Municipal  De  Miranda  Do  Corvo , Estadio  Mun

Time :

12.00AM                                                                                                               Oporto  Cricket  Club  VS   Indian  Royals


This  tournament  is  being  held  for  the  first  time  in  Oporto  Cricket  Club  and Indian  Royals  face  to  face. Oporto  Cricket  Club  players  John  Rogerson  ,  Kanaka  Sabhapathy,  Nigel  Jordan , Jack  Cunningham, Junaid  Khan. All  these players  are  one  of  the  most  important  players  for  Oporto  Cricket  Club. Jasbinder  Singh  and  Amandeep  Singh could  be  Indian  Royals  opener  batsmen,  Indian  Royals  will  have  high  hopes from  the  opening  batsman. Faijal  Riaz  and  Saurabh  Sandhu  Indian  Royals  are  one  of  the  better  bowlers  in  May, their  bowling  can  show  amazing  performance.

Pitch Report:
this  pitch  has  been  decent  for  Bowling  based  on  the  previous  records. The average  score  on this pitch is  84  runs ( Based on last 5 matches). As we know that this pitch average score is 84, seeing this, we can infer that this pitch is helpful for  bowling . Whichever  team  wins  the  toss on this pitch will prefer bowling first. The Average  score  1st  innings 94 runs. This  pitch  has  been  decent  for  Pace  Bowler  based on the previous records.  This pitch is better for  bowling  department  because  we  have  not  seen  any  big  scores  on  this  pitch  before,  then  we  assume that  this  pitch  is  more  beneficial  to  the  bowlers  than  the  batsmen. A  fast  bowler  ball  will  bounce  on  the  pitch  and the  ball  will  come  right  on  the  bat,  the  batsman  and  the  bowler  can  show their  performance  well.There  is  no  chance  of  rain  because  of  this  we  will  enjoy  the  match  .
 Stats  and  Records: (Recent  Form)

The  Team  Oporto  Cricket  Club: N/A

Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Oeira:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

J  Zinkus:47,35,104,1,23


R  Raghu(wk):3,12,-2,6,62

Top  Bowler:N/A

Stats  and  Records: (Recent  Form)

The  Team  Indian  Royals:

Total  Match  Played  5 , Win  2

Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Indian  Royals:

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

A  Singh:16,65

 M  Singh(WK):14,31,49

 J  Singh(AR):84,58,2,32,61

Top Bowler:

I  Singh:4,4,4,4

Squad (Oporto  Cricket  Club):T  Rogerson,M Weeks, J Rogerson, K Sabhapathy, N  Jordan, J Cunningham, J Khan, J Zinkus, P Rajani, R Chandrasekaran, A Chambers, J Cooles , J Graham, P Butcher, N Charles, A Camelo, B Sorathiya, T Cunningham, E Mackay, A Mackay, S Gunawardena,M Ali  Awan, A Machaj, S  Rashid, M Shannon
 Squad (Indian  Royals):. Rohit Kumar, Yogesh Sharma, Amandeep Singh, Sourabh Sandhu, Manjeet Singh, Abu Sufyan, Harmolak Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Muhammad Saad Ansari, Jasbinder Singh, Ahmadur Siddiqui, Syed Ali Naqi, Ishwar Singh, Faisal Riaz, Jaswinder Kumar, Rajwinder Singh, Dhiraj Minhas,Jatinder  Singh  

Probable Playing XI (Oporto  Cricket  Club):

  1. J  Rogerson
  2. K  Sabhapathy
  3. N  Jordan
  4. J  Cunningham
  5. J  Khan
  6. J  Zinkus
  7. P  Rajani
  8. R  Chandrasekaran
  9. A  Mackay
  10. E  Mackay
  11. S  Gunawardena

Probable Playing XI (Indian  Royals):

  1. M  Singh
  2. S  Ali Naqi
  3. R  Singh
  4. J  Singh
  5. Y  Sharma
  6. H  Singh
  7. A  Singh
  8. Jasbinder  Singh
  9. I  Singh
  10. R  Kumar
  11. F  Riaz

Fantasy Team;

Captain: A singh

Vice  Captain: J Singh(AR)

Keeper – H  Singh

Batsmen – A  Singh(C), J Singh, R  Singh, J  Zinkus

All-rounders –  J  Singh(VC), A  Mackay, J  Khan

Bowlers – F  Riaz, I  Singh, R  Chandrasekaran

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