Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher was accused during his days of playing racist songs.


Mark Boucher apologized for singing provocative songs

He was accused by former teammates of racism.

He is also the current coach for South Africa.

Former players like Paul Adams accused Mark Boucher, who is currently South Africa’s coach, of racism.

Current South Africa coach Mark Boucher has apologized for singing inflammatory songs during his days as well as using nicknames for colorful teammates. As reported on ESPNcricinfo, Boucher has filed a 14-page affidavit to the Social Justice and Nation Building Committee of Cricket South Africa (SJN). He also claimed he was available for one-on-one talks with any former teammates he insulted. In his affidavit, Boucher stated that “he regrets sincerely and excuses for the part I have played in singing inappropriate songs or in using offensive nicknames with my teammates.”

Boucher’s former teammates, including Paul Adams, accused Boucher of racism. In his testimony to SJN, Adams alleged that during one song Boucher racially insulted him.

However, Boucher said quickly that he did not offer Adams any surnames, although he allowed that he would have been more sensitive with his colleagues.

Boucher, currently the Proteas men’s coach, has performed 147 tests and 295 ODIs and is considered one of the best wicket-keepers ever.+

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