Isa Guha
Isa Guha has a suggestion for the womens cricket team in India.


Isa Guha stressed the differences in male and female cricket

Isa said the women players would have a long way to go

Isa Guha stressed the need for associations of players

Former British cricket maker Isa Guha stressed the gaps in male and female cricket and said that women players would have a long way to go in terms of fair treatment as their male counterparts.

On a day when, after a run-up finish of the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, the Indian women’s Team had still not won the BCCI prize money, former England cricketer Isa Guha highlighted the inequalities in men’s and women’s crickets. Isa said that women players still have a long way to go to obtain fair representation in cricket games and pointed out the need for player associations.

“Women are grateful for the change, but so much remains to be done to achieve equality (which is not just fair pay). Player partnerships are an essential part of this. India’s women will rule the world scene when they think as much as the men do, “Isa said in a tweet.

“While the men are on a different level, the basic levels of player welfare still exist. Things such as payment/contract dates, well-being support networks, domestic professional support structures, maternity provisions, and pension schemes can all be obtained by a pa (player’s associations), “She added. She added.

In the meantime, a senior BCCI official informed ANI about the situation that payments should be completed by the coming week.

“The procedure was already underway and the funds will have to be moved in the next week. Yes, there was a slight delay and the situation of Covid-19 further delayed the operation, but no further delays were anticipated, “The official said. The official said.

Australia beat India by 85 rounds in the final of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, raising the trophy for a five-time record-breaking. Australia won the tournament in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2018 before this edition.

However, during the Women’s T20 World Cup, Shafali Verma emerged as a household name for India. Her achievements with the bat helped India remain unbeatable in the group stage. Shafali, who was 16 at the time, also climbed to the top spot of the tournament’s T20I female ICC batting rankings.

She built a record during the summit clash as quickly as she went into the park and became the youngest cricket player ever to play a cricket World Cup final. Shafali has finished with 163 runs out of six matches and tears as India lost the one-sided final in front of a record crowd.

The final match between India and Australia saw the world’s highest presence of women’s cricket as 86.174 participants participated in a Melbourne Cricket Ground ICC Women’s T20 World Cup final (MCG). The final also saw the highest attendance in Australia for a women’s sports event.

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