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In the first two innings of the Lord's Test, Kohli could not turn his promising starts into big knocks.


After November 2019, Kohli has not hit a century in international play.

in the 2nd Test, he scored 42 and 20 in the 1st and 2nd innings respectively

As India stood at 181/6, on the fourth day of the Lord’s Test, they held a lead of 154 runs going into the final day.

He was recently quoted by former India captain Sunil Gavaskar, who stated that Kohli is not playing well at the moment and there is a large technical error in his game.

Sunil Gavaskar believes that right now, Virat Kohli isn’t performing well, and there is a major technical flaw in his technique. After getting out for 20 in the second innings at Lord’s, Kohli was clearly displeased with his bat. Kohli went hard for a wide delivery that was bowled outside off, and he missed, as well, the opportunity to take the wicket of Sam Curran. “That has always worked for him. He has carried out 8000 Test repetitions with that movement and that back. However, he is still delivering balls that are located outside the off-stump and at an early stage in the innings. With each time he plays, his foot has been somewhere, his bat has been elsewhere, which means that he hasn’t really played well this time around “Gavaskar made the following statement on the Sony Sports network.

“This may be about the popularly discussed word “intent”, although every batsman enters a game in order to score runs. What differentiates is the method itself “he went on to add.

Kohli further pointed out that Gavaskar agreed with him “When you use the idea of targeting the opposition to talk about the “attempting to strike the opponent,” you might end up in hot water. Batsmen should be allowed to experiment on their own to discover their own style. This is a game of cricket.”

“In ODI and T20I, the situation is completely different, but here, they must first focus on getting themselves into the game and playing according to V. There is no use in playing a game unless you have finished the level “he went on to add.

As Day 4 came to a close, Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara struck 61 and 45 runs each, with India closing out the game with a score of 181/6 and leading by 154.

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