IND vs ENG: Jack Leach is likely to be one of England's main spin-bowling options.

India vs England: Sachin Tendulkar said that left-arm spinner Jack Leach does not change his pace, something that is needed on the turning track and Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar performed effectively on England’s 2012 India tour .

Sachin Tendulkar feels that the success secrets during Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar’s 2012 series triumph in England were due to bowling at a faster pace than usual, something he often did to Jack Leach Not seen. Compared to the Swan-Panesar pair, current left-handed orthodox spinner Jack Leach is a touch slower and will be more effective only if he can change his speed at places that offer a turn. “He (one in 2012) was a different attack, and Graeme Swann was one of the world’s leading spinners then. Monty, given his style of bowling, was not one of those bowlers who believed in bouncing the ball.” Tendulkar told PTI language during an exclusive conversation on Thursday, “The deck bowler had more ability to hit.

He said, “Monty will bow really fast, so it was completely different and Jack Leach, unlike Monty, I think he is a bit slow bowler.”

Tendulkar also felt that leeches do not vary their speed very much, which would be necessary on a track that offered a turn.

“Everything I’ve seen bowls at the same pace. So if the wicket is turning and helping a lot, then your speed varies because then the batsmen have very little time to react, something like that. Which Swan and Monty effectively did for us. ” 2012, ”said Tendulkar.

Tendulkar expects the Chennai track to bounce due to the red clay content and that under moist conditions, the ball may start early by the 15th over and continue until the 60th, he feels.

“I think the fast bowler is going to play a big role here, and that is how, reverse swing can be a factor. I believe the ball will reverse from the 15th over to the 60th over. When the ball rebounds , Then it goes away from the surface. Tendulkar said, “Response time is short.”

“From the 60–80th over, the ball can still reverse but due to its softness, the batsmen have more time to adjust to the surface.”

Talking about the adjustment, Tendulkar finds it easier to adjust the SG test from Kookaburra to the contrary.

Tendulkar said, “Going back from SG to Kookaburra is a much easier transition than going from SG to Kookaburra. You need some adjustments after playing with Kookaburra for so long, but I don’t see it as a problem. Watches, ”said Tendulkar.

“Adjustment would have been a factor if there had been a big break between the two series and we literally play a test match with a few days of practice, so that’s not a big problem as far as I’m concerned.”

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