Babar Azam.
In spite of the mounting opposition, Salman Butt has publicly declared his support for Babar Azam.

Babar Azam enjoys the support of the former Pakistani captain despite mounting criticism.

After Pakistan’s cricket team failed to win a single Test at home in 2022, the team’s captain, Babar Azam, took the brunt of the criticism from fans and present and past players. Although Babar’s abilities as a skipper have been called into question, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s recent batting success hasn’t helped his cause. Sarfaraz, who had been absent from the Test squad for some time, returned for the two-game series against New Zealand that just ended and promptly scored a century in the second innings of the second Test.

In spite of the mounting criticism, former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has come to Babar Azam’s defense, calling the top batter “shy.”

“In my opinion, Baba seems a bit timid. His confidence level is still low. If there is an answer, it wouldn’t cost a million dollars, hence this isn’t a million-dollar question. Everyone was impressed by Sarfaraz’s remarkable recovery. But he hasn’t exactly excelled in the domestic circuit the past four years. But he came back from that in spectacular fashion. He’s seasoned, he’s driven, he had his shot, and he made the most of it “Butt stated in a video posted to his channel on YouTube.

Some say that because of his success, Mohammad Rizwan, the Test team’s top wicketkeeper and batsman, has fallen behind Sarfaraz in the pecking order.

Butt added his support for Rizwan by praising his recent white-ball cricket exploits.

“In contrast, Rizwan really shone when not with the team. He led the T20I batting charts for a period, scoring the most runs over the past two years. Rizwan is light years ahead of every keeper in Pakistan, even Sarfaraz, when it comes to keeping “His comment was as follows.

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