Azeem Rafiq
Azeem Rafiq is a former cricketer from England who has previously represented Cricket Club County in Yorkshire.

Earlier in 2020, Azeem Rafiq initiated a detailed investigation into charges of racism by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

On Thursday, the Yorkshire County Cricket Club launched an inquiry into racism claims brought by former Azeem Rafiq. In September 2020, a complete investigation into claims of racism was launched by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and it said in a publication that ‘Azeem was victims of inaccurate conduct.'” The inquiry was carried out by Squire Patton Boggs, an international legal firm, and was extensive. They examined many witnesses, including Azeem, former and present players, coaching personnel, and management, who volunteered to come forward. They also evaluated considerable volumes of evidence and material presented by a wide range of individuals. We thank all those who have contributed to this crucial effort. The scope of the research also examined the question of whether the Yorkshire County Cricket Club was institutionally racist,” said the statement from Azeem.

Dr. Samir Pathak, a pancreatic consultant at St. James University Hospital, Leeds, a trustee of the MCC Foundation, and a member of the MCC Cricket Committee, chaired the panel.

The Panel took on the duty outside its day’s work and volunteered. The Panel’s purpose was to monitor the integrity of the investigation, formulate its own results and recommend the Club for future steps.

“It is unavoidable to digest a lot and we will have to give guidance on the substance of the report. We are aware that we have a duty to care for everyone who took part in a process of this sort and must not breach this duty. We plan to publish the study and suggestions in the next weeks, subject to legal restrictions.”

“Most of these charges were made against the Club more than ten years ago. Many of the claims were not upheld and the Panel had insufficient proof to determine others. However, it is necessary to recognize from the start that numerous of Azeem’s accusations have been upheld and, tragically, historically, Azeem has been the victim of inappropriate conduct. Clearly, this is not acceptable. We want to offer our deep apologies for this,” added the message.

The Panel further noted that its rules and procedures on these major issues have not been implemented. The Club acknowledges the importance of the findings of the Panel.

“I want to applaud Azeem’s fortitude to raise the issues and his participation in the investigation, which I realize may have been very tough,” stated Roger Hutton, Chairman of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. I would also like to sincerely apologize for some of the Club’s failures, emphasized by the Panel.

“He has certainly had some hard and distressing moments since 2008 and the Club could and ought to have supported him more. Since joining the Board in 2020, it has been apparent to me that it has continuously been seeking to enhance relations with many groups both before and since. However, it has not gone far enough, especially when we learn to look at the world through the new eyes, and I view this report as a platform for more critical improvements in YCCC.”

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