Match Prediction

Sharjah  VS   Emirates  Blues

Date & TIME: 02 April, At 08.45 PM IST

Venue:   Sharjah  Cricket  Stadium (Sharjah)


Sharjah   has  win  their  last  match  against  Dubai  . In the last match,   Sharjah  opener  batsmen  Vriitya  Aravind(WK)  has  scored  37  runs  at  a  strike  rate  of  246.7  . In the previous  match  Sharjah   bowler  Unaib  Rehman  picked  up  3  wickets  whereas,  Junaid  Siddique  &  Kashif  Daud  took 1-1  wickets. Emirates  Blues  has   loss  their  last  match  against  Ajman.  Emirates  Blues   team  Captain  Waheed  Ahmed  played  a  brilliant  inning     of    35  runs  at  a  SR  of  218.8    . In the last match, Emirates  Blues  bowlers  perform  very  well, Matiullah  Khan  got  3  wicket  whereas, Sabir  Rao, Mohammad  Azhar  & Waheed Ahmed  all three  bowlers notched 1-1-1 wickets.

Pitch Report:

this pitch has been decent for Batting based on the previous records. The  average  score  on  this  pitch  is  109  runs ( Based on last 5 matches). As  we  know  that this  pitch  average  score  is  109, seeing  this, we  can  infer that  this  pitch  is helpful  for  batting .  The boundaries are very small on this ground, and we can expect a high-scoring contest. Whichever team wins the toss on this pitch will prefer bowling first. The Average  score  1st  innings 122 runs. This pitch has been decent for Pace Bowler  based on the previous records.  This pitch is better for  batting   department  because  we  have  seen  any  big  scores  on  this  pitch  before,  then  we  assume that  this  pitch  is  more  beneficial  to  the  batsmen  than  the  bowlers. A  fast  bowler  ball  will  bounce  on  the  pitch  and the  ball  will  come  right  on  the  bat,  the  batsman  and  the  bowler  can  show their  performance  well.
 There  is  no  rain  predicted  on  match  day  and  so we  should  get  an uninterrupted  match  to  enjoy.

Stats  and  Records:

The  Team  Sharjahi:

Total  Match  Played: 5 , Win  0

Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Sharjah:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

R  shahzad:4,12,37,10,120 

F  Ahmed:31,4,17,38,12

 U  Ali(AR):21,40,43,60,117

 K  Daud(AR):28,88,4,4,86

 Vritiya  Aravind(wk):64,112,55,9,91

Top  Bowler:

U  Rehman:109

J  Siddique:35,-2,23,10,29

A  Khan:12,4,4,46,10

Last 5 Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Emirates  Blues:

The  Team  Emirates  Blues:

Total  Match  Played  5 , Win  3

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

CP  Rizwan:23,146,91,68,2

L  Manjrekar:22,63,13,2,70

W  Ahmed(AR):86,47,38,68,60

A  Raja(AR):43,31,37,37,109

M  Boota(wk):20,16,84,24,83

Top Bowler:


M  Azhar:46,36,75,111,51

S  Rao:31,51,62,27,41 
  Squad (Sharjah): Aayan Khan, Anish Ramgopal, Badiuzzama Sayed, Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Junaid Siddique, Kashif Daud, Khalid Shah, Rameez Shahzad, Renjith Mani, Yahya Abdul Rehman, Rohan Mustafa, Umair Ali, Vriitya Aravind, Aryansh Sharma, Fayyaz Ahmad 

Squad (Emirates  Blues): Nikhil Srinivasan, Mohammad Boota, Chundangapoyil Rizwan, Laxman Manjrekar, Waheed Ahmed, Vishnu Sukuraman, Akif Raja, Aryan Lakra, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Sabir Rao, Mohammad Azhar, Rahul Bhatia, Muhammad Farazuddin, Omid Rahman, Muhammaed Ismail, Matiullah Khan 

Probable Playing XI (Emirates  Blues): Mohammad Boota, Chundangapoyil Rizwan, Laxman Manjrekar, Vishnu Sukumaran, Waheed Ahmed, Mohammad Azhar, Sabir Rao, Aryan Lakra, Akif Raja, Matiullah, Muhammad Farazuddin.    

Probable Playing XI (Sharjah): Vriitya Aravind, Aryansh Sharma, Khalid Shah, Renjith Mani, Rohan Mustafa, Fayyaz Ahmad, Umair Ali, Aayan Khan, Junaid Siddique, Kashif Daud, Badiuzzama Sayed

Fantasy Team;

Captain: R  Mustafa

Vice-Captain: U  Ali

Wicketkeeper: M  Boota

Batsmen:L  Manjrekar, C  Rizwan, K  Shah

 All-Rounders:A  Raja, K  Daud,R  Mustafa, U  Ali

Bowlers:S  Rao, M  Azhar, J  Siddique.

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