Bangladesh cricket
The Bangladesh cricket team, from an archived photo

If rain prevents the Indo-Pak match from continuing on September 10, the ACC has said that play can resume on September 11.

On Friday, coaches from Sri Lanka (Chris Silverwood) and Bangladesh (Chandika Hathurasingha) voiced their discontent with the decision to provide a reserve day for India and Pakistan’s Super 4 match. If rain prevents play on September 10, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) said earlier that the match between India and Pakistan could continue on September 11. Despite the forecast for rain in the Sri Lankan capital for the Super 4s, the other matches will go on as scheduled. Hathurasingha stated that he was unaware of what had caused the unexpected shift in Asia Cup regulations.

Each of the six countries taking part in the Asia Cup is represented on a technical committee. The Bangladesh coach suggested during Saturday’s Super 4 press conference that Sri Lanka’s decision to forfeit the game could have been motivated by factors other than the team’s performance.

Hathurasingha claimed his team would have enjoyed a reserve day as well, implying that no effort was made to reach a consensus on the matter.

“It is not ideal, and we also would have liked to have an extra day,” he continued.

Hathurasingha further suggested that the relevant officials did not seek input from other teams before making their final choice.

Hathurasingha remarked, “But I don’t have any more comment on this because they have already made a decision, and had they consulted us earlier, we would have given our opinion.”

When told about the extra day for the Indo-Pak match, Silverwood expressed surprise.

“Yeah! Look, I’ll admit that I was taken aback when I first heard it. We don’t run the contest, so there’s not much we can do, right? Silverwood enquired. The Sri Lankan coach also expressed concern that India or Pakistan, should they get points on the reserve day, may gain an unfair edge.

Providing points to the teams and having an impact on us is the only way, Silverwood said, in which he sees it becoming a problem.

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