The fifth test has been canceled, according to a digital board at Old Trafford.


The ECB CEO said that Indian concerns increased.

India’s assistant physiotherapist got tested on Thursday, and it turned out he had taken steroids.

There was a Friday start for the fifth test on the schedule.

The “anxiety level” rose in the Indian camp when the team physiotherapist came up positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, according to England Cricket Board (ECB) CEO Tom Harrison.

An upset ECB CEO Tom Harrison revealed on Friday that the Indian players’ fears over “what might happen” had precipitated the cancellation of the fifth and final Test, even though the COVID-19 outbreak was not what had troubled the visitors. Harrison said that recent developments have been devastating, and he made sure that all efforts necessary to get the Indian players to agree to return to the field were carried out because they had refused to play after discovering that the team’s assistant physio, Yogesh Parmar, had a positive COVID-19 test on Thursday.

My heart breaks for all of the fans out there, today is indeed a very sad day. We are utterly devastated. It receives massive global viewership. We found out yesterday around lunch that the Indian team had a problem with nervousness.

It wasn’t a widespread breakout of COVID, but the reception was an apprehension of what could come with the physical assessment returning positive. “In order to make the players feel more comfortable,” he said, “we attempted to provide several reassurances throughout the day.”

Following COVID-19 incidents in the Indian team, which prompted the players to not come onto the field, the BCCI released a statement saying that both the boards will look for another time to reschedule the game.

Harrison stated that the possible postponement of the game is supposed to be a one-time occurrence and would thus not determine the match that now has India ahead 2-1.

I believe it is self-contained. Harrison mentioned that other possibilities had been given to them and that they would need to see what they are. He was quoted by ‘Sky Sports’ about the information he had received regarding if it will be a stand-alone game or the conclusion of the series.

A good interpretation of it is that this stadium was designed to play a one-off game against India in the middle of the stands, therefore it would be nice to achieve that. He concluded, “This is the one nice thing that’ll come out of today.”

India now leads the series; however, they could still lose if they had competed in an unscheduled game, as that would mean that they lost the series. India is coming to play a series of one-day matches this month. It’s expected that the games would resume sometime next year if they are unable to make up the canceled match this time.

On Thursday, Harrison claimed that they invited medical professionals who understood the illness to talk to the players, but they communicated that they were unwilling to play in that condition.

The players had one big worry: being put in quarantine in England, missing time at the IPL, and getting bad test results in the match.

Three support staff members alongside India’s head coach Ravi Shastri, who is based in London, tested positive in the first round of testing.

Once the team becomes consumed with nervousness, that will be almost impossible to change. “He mentioned that the health of the players is vital.”

“When you have a mental health condition like a hamstring strain, that’s less widely known,” he said.

“We have better conditions than before, as we are no longer in a bio-bubble, but we are in a more comfortable environment overall.” A COVID-managed environment is not COVID-free but rather, a COVID-managed environment.

Harrison noted that the ECB is covered for any financial loss as a result of the cancellation.

COVID has coverage for cancellation. People who have purchased tickets will be compensated. “That’ll be handled by our finance department,” he explained.

The president of the BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, is planning to travel to the UK next month to meet with coaches Clive Harrison and Ian Whatmore to go over the details of the one-off match in 2009.

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