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In the first T20I against West Indies, Rohit Sharma decided to use the Decision Review System (DRS).

During India’s match against the West Indies, stump microphones picked up Virat Kohli’s words, “Do awaaz hai” (I heard two sounds). DRS was Rohit Sharma’s choice upon confirmation that they had two reviews.

When the camera is trained on Rohit Sharma, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of him. This has been the case since he became India’s limited-overs captain. Both Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni’s focused and battle-ready faces are missing from his appearance, as is his ability to remain nearly motionless during a match. In fact, Rohit’s on-field reactions are unique. The first T20I between India and West Indies at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Wednesday saw one such event. While Rohit was debating whether or not to use the DRS, he took a moment to comment on the on-field umpire’s wide call, listening to bowler Ravi Bishnoi and former captain Virat Kohli. You know what I’m talking about, right? In what way can you describe it as “wide?” After a bold appeal from Bishnoi was ignored by the umpire, Rohit said.

That’s when Bishnoi’s slider appeared to brush the pad of Roston Chase before falling on Rishabh Pantgloves. .’s The umpire called a wide instead of a leg-tremendous spinner’s appeal.

Stump microphones picked up Virat Kohli saying, “Do awaaz aur hai” as he rushed into the field (I heard two sounds).

As he stood there, Rohit inquired, “Do reviews exist, na?” (You do realize we’ve got two reviews here?).

Reacting to Kohli’s statement that “do awaaz hai, I’ll bol Raha hu le le” (I heard two sounds go for it).

Then, with a sly grin on his face, Rohit requested DRS’s assistance.

After Virat Kohli said “Do Awaz Hai” after Ravi Bishnoi’s appeal, Rohit Sharma took the DRS. Afterward, the Umpire Performs This…

There was more to come in this story. Rohit was then informed by the square-legged umpire that the umpires will be checking the stumping anyhow because Pant had also whipped the bails off. A review won’t be necessary because the caught behind appeal will always be checked.

Even though Chase didn’t hit the ball, the replays showed that it rubbed off his pads. Having his foot inside the crease, the West Indies right-hander was also safe.
He eventually reversed his decision to designate it a wide, and the game went on

The series is now 1-0 in favor of India, after a six-wicket victory. After going 2 for 17 on his debut, Ravi Bishnoi was named Player of the Match. Rohit Sharma scored 40 and Suryakumar Yadav was unbeaten on 34 as India chased down the total of 157 in 18.5 overs against the Windies.

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