Match Prediction

Match  Details:

Date: 20/04/2021                                                                           

 Venue: Seebarn Cricket Ground, Seebarn

Time : 04.30PM                        

Vienna Afghan    vs   Indian Vienna

This is the 7th match of tournament between Vienna Afghan vs Indian Vienna. Till now it would be unfair to destroy any team. Both these teams have excellent players &  Bowlers has a good batting line up both teams have whereas, It will be an exciting match as both the teams are better able to chase, it will be seen which team gives good runs on the scoreboard. So far we have seen that no team has been able to score 100+, then these teams will try to break that record and make a good score.
Pitch Report:
The  pitch  which  is  helpful  for batting . The  Pace  bowlers  will  get  70%  help  on  the  pitch  due  to  the  cloudly  weather .This  pitch  has  been decent  for  Pace  Bowler   based  on  the  previous  records.  Spinners  bowlers  will  have  to  work  very  hard  on  this  pitch. Whichever  team  wins  the  toss  will  decide  to  bat first  because  it  is   easier  to  bat  first  than  it  is  to  chase.

Stats  and  Records:  (Last  5  T10  Matches)

The  Team  Vienna Afghan:

Total  Match  Played: 5 , Win  3

Last 5  T10  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Vienna Afghan:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

Q Utmanzai:4,52,78,86,86

R Shigiwai:21,6,66,29,180

S Mohamad(WK):4,2,17,4,12

N Ahmadzai(AR):72,38,17,20,76

I Safi(AR):4,4,2,4,64

Top  Bowler:

Z Ibrahim:101,2,104,31,25

S Zadran:11,25,16,23,-2

Z Mohamad:4,17,-2,35,6

Stats  and  Records:  (Recent  Form)

The  Team  Indian Vienna:

Total  Match  Played 5,  Win 0

Last  5  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Indian Vienna:

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

S Dhir:4,12,5,12

S Bains:4,4,4,4,5

A Gopalakrishnan(WK):40,60,10,77,79

K Jha(AR):48,2,76,59,25

K Joshi(AR):-2,45,76,21,14

Top Bowler:

D Zadran:35,104,25,101,8

M Singh:35,6,2,66,23

A Ghani:56,11,-1,31,4

Squad(Vienna Afghan):   Sadiq Mohamad, Ahmad Naveed, Khybar Malyar, Mohib Shenwari, Aman Ahmadzai, Noor Ahmadzai, Razmal Shigiwal, Zain Mohamad, Baseer Khan, Ishak Safi, Aziz Khaksar, Atiq Wahidi, Zabi Ibrahim, Mumtaz Tanha, Sahel Zadran, Aziz Khatak

Squad(Indian Vienna): Mehar Cheema, Sumit Dhir, Kunal Joshi, Mani Singh, Ahmad Ghani, Daud Zadran, Abhishek Gopalakrishnan, Toni Sain, Kumud Jha, Avtar Singh, Gursewak Sandhu, Adaikkalaraj Kumaran, Zaherullah Jabarkhel, Satish Kaul, Sunny Bains, Abhijeet Khamborkar, Amandeep Chhabra,  Sumer Shergill, Qadargul Utmanzai

Probable XI: Vienna Afghan

  1. S Mohamad
  2. A Naveed
  3. K Malyar
  4. M Shenwari
  5. A Ahmadzai
  6. N Ahmadzai
  7. R Shigiwal
  8. Z Mohamad
  9. B Khan
  10. A Khaksar
  11. I Safi

Probable XI: Indian Vienna

  1. M Cheema
  2. S Dhir
  3. K Joshi
  4. M Singh
  5. A Ghani
  6. D Zadran
  7. A Gopalakrishnan
  8. T Sain
  9. K Jha
  10. G Sandhu
  11. A Singh

Fantasy Team;


Vice  Captain-

Keeper –

Batsmen –  (C),

All-rounders –  

Bowlers –  

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