Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid responds to questions about Ajinkya Rahane's form in India versus New Zealand.


Against New Zealand, Ajinkya Rahane tallied 35 and four in the first Test, which ended in a tie.

Rahane’s season-long average is less than 20 points per game.

The second Test between India and New Zealand will begin on December 3 in Mumbai.

This year, Ajinkya Rahane has an average of under 20 runs per game and scored 35 and 4 in the drew the first Test against New Zealand.

On Monday, India vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, predicted that the batsman would return to his best in just one match. New Zealand drew the first Test with a score of 35-4, and Rahane’s average for the year is less than 20. Dravid was asked if he was worried about Rahane’s poor form, and he replied: “You don’t have to worry about anything. The obvious answer is that you and Ajinkya both want to score more runs.

“He is a talented cricketer who has previously performed well for India. A great and experienced player, he has the ability to turn things around in a game. He understands this; so do we “The famous batter showed his support for one of his more experienced teammates.

As a result, Dravid and his colleagues Vikram Rathour and Ravindra Jadeja were non-committal on the matter of who should be dropped, but both said that the choice will be made once Kohli returns to action.

Is Shares Iyer going to be replaced by Rahane in order to make room for him?

“We haven’t decided on a starting lineup yet, and it’s too early to do so. This game was the only thing on our minds today, and we’ll analyze the conditions and fitness of our players when we travel to Mumbai. To make a choice, we need to consult with Virat Kohli, who is joining us “In order to avoid answering, he evaded the question.

The success of Iyer’s performance is a reflection of the state of the system.

The new head coach is overjoyed to see Shreyas Iyer come up trumps in his Test debut, especially after putting in place a strong U-19 and India A system.

Iyer became the first Indian Test debutant to score a hundred and fifty in the same match with a 105 and a 65.

One or two of our players in T20 also gave a good account of themselves, which is nice to see young men come through and produce right away,” the coach remarked.

“The performance of a new Indian cricketer in his country’s first Test match is a good assessment of both the player and the system. He has also played for Mumbai in club cricket, which shows that we have been able to develop him beyond simply India A “His perspective was broadened.

If everyone had been present and healthy, Dravid would have said it without hesitation. Iyer didn’t get many chances, but when he did, he took advantage of them.

“Shreyas had to put forth a lot of effort to get what he wanted. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to deal with at the time. His average is over 50 in first-class cricket although he hadn’t played first-class cricket in three years.

Because of injuries, “He wouldn’t have made it to this level,” the coach said. “He’s taken advantage of it and demonstrated his abilities,” he added.

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