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Match  Details:

Date:                       Venue                                                                    Time                                                                                                  13/04/2021          JCC Brescia  Cricket , Brescia                           04.30PM       

Pak  Lions  Ghedi  vs    Jinnah  Brescia

 This    is  the  second  match  of  the  tournament   between  Pak  Lions  Ghedi  and  Jinnah  Brescia  .  Mudassar  Riaz  &  Tojo  Thomas  could  be  Pak  Lions  Ghedi   opener  batsmen,   Pak  Lions  Ghedi  will  have  high  hopes from  the  opening  batsman  . Fakhar  Imran  &  N  Faisal  are  one  of  the  better  bowlers  in  May, their  bowling  can  show  amazing  performance. Pak  Lions  Ghedi   has   played 2  matches  so  far, of  which  1  match  has  been  loss  and  one  has  not  resulted.  In  the  last  match  PLG  batsmen  performance  very worst .
 Jinnah  Brescia will  play  his  first match  today  at  the  ground  of   JCC. Jinnah Brasssea  will  have  high  hope s from  Nawaz  Sharukh   he  performed  very  well  in  last  season.
If  we sit  on  the  winning  percentage,  then  Pak  Lions  Ghedi  has  60%  chances  to  win,  the same  40%  is  the  chance  of  Jinnah  Brescia.

Pitch  Report:
The  pitch  which  is  helpful    batting . The  pace  bowlers  will  get  70%  help  on  the  pitch  due  to  the  cloudly  weather .This  pitch  has  been decent  for  Pace  Bowler   based  on  the  previous  records.  Spinner  bowlers  will  have  to  work  very  hard  on  this  pitch. Whichever  team  wins  the  toss  will  decide  to  bat first  because  it  is   easier  to  bat  first  than  it  is  to  chase.
Stats  and  Records:  (Recent  Form)

The  Team  Pak  Lions  Ghedi:

Total  Match  Played 2,  Win 1

Last  5  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Pak  Lions  Ghedi:

Top  Btasmen  &  All Rounder:

T  Thomas:15

RR  Unnithan(wk);24

F  Imran(AR):62

Top Bowler:

N  Das:4,47,43

Stats  and  Records:  (Last  5  T10  Matches)

The  Team  Jinnah  Brescia:

Total  Match  Played: 5 , Win  4

Last 5  T10  Matches  Fantasy  points  Stats  Januja  Brescia:

Top   Batsmen & All  Rounder:

N  Sharukh:133.89

H  Ahmed:91,22,42,64,86

A  Hassan(WK):30,63,73,13,44

M  Imran(AR):2,66,-2,20,48

Top  Bowler:

F  Nazir:120,80,48,87,102

A  Mehmood:18,60,72,17,44

A  Rukhsar:60,10,23,4,29


Squad(Pak  Lions  Ghedi): Sheraz Khan, Nithin Das, Shueb Khan, Nadeem Faisal, Muhammad Tayyab, Fakhar Imran, John Joseph, Tabassum Riaz, Mudassar Riaz, Ehtasham Safdar, Sukhwinder Singh, Tojo Thomas, Rohit Unnithan, Bebin Zacharia, Rizwan Zaman, Hamza Zia, Dilawar Hussain, Israr Omarkhail ,  Haseeb  Abdul

Squad(Jinnah  Brescia): Ahmed Rukhsar (c), Atif Mehmood, Harsha Wass, Muhammad Imran, Janaka Wass, Abrar Bilal, Faheem Nazir, Muhammad Rizwan, Ahmed Nisar, Ahmad Hassan, Muhammad Sajjad, Nawaz Sharukh, Hussain Abubakar, Shahrukh Butt, Ghulam Farid, Hasnat Ahmed, Hasan Ali, Charith Fernando, Azhar Hussain, Humza Ishtiaq, Sukhwinder Singh,  Mirza Ahmed, Arsalan  Shahid

Probable XI: Pak  Lions  Ghedi

  1. M  Riaz
  2. T  Thomas
  3. H  Abdul
  4. R  Unnithan
  5. T  Riaz
  6. R  Zaman
  7. S  Khan
  8. M  Tayyab
  9. N  Faisal
  10. I  Omarkhail
  11. F  Imran

Probable XI: Jinnah  Brescia  

  1. H  Ahmed
  2. A  Nisar
  3. N  Sharukh
  4. A  Hassan
  5. M  Rizwan
  6. A  Bilal
  7. M  Imran
  8. A  Rukhsar
  9. G  Farid
  10. F  Nazir
  11. M  Sajjad

Fantasy Team;

Captain: N  Sharukh

Vice  Captain- T  Thomas

Keeper – A  Hassan

Batsmen –  N  Sharukh(C), A  Bilal, H  Ahmed , T  Thomas(vc)

All-rounders –  M  Imran, H  Abdul, M  Tayyab

Bowlers –  S  Khan, F  Nazir, N  Faisal

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