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In addition to losing two World Test Championship points, the Virat Kohli-led Indian squad was fined two points in the official competition.


Both teams were penalized two WTC points for slow over-rate maintenance.

The second Test of the series between England and India will begin on Thursday.

The playing duration was two overs short of the allotted allowances for each side. ICC

Virat Kohli commented that his squad was not pleased in the first Test England won since they had been deducted two World Test Championship points due to the sluggish over-rate.

Following Wednesday’s first Test loss to England, India skipper Virat Kohli stated his team was not pleased to have lost two World Test Championship (WTC) points due to a poor over-rate in the first match. In a decision announced on Wednesday, England and India were fined 40% of their match fees and deducted two points from their ICC World Test Championship record following their slow over-rate violations in the first Test in Nottingham. “That is correct. We all feel that the points we lost due to the slow over-rate were unfairly given to the other side. There is nothing we can do about that, we estimated a few overs too many and that was the difference in the end, “During a virtual news conference, Kohli added, “Please enable Java.

“In other words, we have to stay pace with the game. Don’t fall too far behind since you’ll be unable to catch up. Points are really important, as you said “Finally, he said.

After the two teams were found to be one over short of their allotted innings length after time allowances were included, Chris Broad of the ICC Elite Panel of Match Referees levied the sanctions.

Players are penalized 20% of their match fees for every over their team fails to bowl in the allowed time.

As also, the ICC WCT playing conditions (Article 16.11.2) mandate that each over short constitutes a penalty point.

After facing criticism for not conducting official hearings after refusing to acknowledge fault in their team’s loss, England and India captains Joe Root and Virat Kohli pleaded guilty and accepted the suggested sanctions, so there was no need for hearings.

Richard Illingworth, David Millns, Michael Gough, and Richard Kettleborough were the third umpire team leveling the on-field charges.

India and England’s first Test was rained out on the final day, ending in a tie.

It appeared like the visitors were all but assured of victory on the final day, needing only 157 runs to be victorious, as they had a 9-wicket lead and nine wickets remaining. However, it was as if the weather deities had different plans.

England and India will commence the second Test on Thursday at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, where the two teams will go head-to-head.

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