IPL for women
An IPL for women, according to Harmanpreet Kaur, would aid the development of female cricketers on the international stage.

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Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of the Indian T20 team, has endorsed the idea of a women’s IPL.

She asserted that having a women’s IPL would benefit Indian players.

She made the remark after India lost the second T20I to Australia despite fighting valiantly.

After India’s T20 team lost to Australia, Harmanpreet Kaur emphasized the importance of having a women’s IPL.

Harmanpreet Kaur, India’s T20 captain, emphasized the need for a women’s IPL following her team’s loss to Australia in the second of a three-match series on Saturday in Gold Coast. Even in the preceding one-day internationals, India came up short in a nail-biting finish. Tahlia McGrath’s performance today shows the confidence players are gaining as a result of competition in the Women’s Big Bash League. Kaur stated in the post-match press conference that the team was “ready to play international cricket”.

Before playing for Australia, she got to play a lot of matches despite not having much experience in international cricket. We do have a few young players like (pacer) Renuka Singh who haven’t had much experience playing at the highest level of cricket.

“She’s done well in domestic cricket, but she’s still a relative newcomer to the game.” Domestic players would have more opportunities to succeed if there was a women’s IPL.

Australia won by an innings and a third after Renuka gave up 13 runs in the 19th over. Shikha Pandey, a veteran pacer, gave up 11 runs in the 18th over.

The Women’s Big Bash will feature eight Indian players this season, and the Hundred in the UK will feature many of the game’s top stars.

Kaur used the example of the men’s IPL, in which up-and-coming cricketers get to play against the best in the world.

The maturity in their game can be seen even when watching a young talent play. By then, they’d likely have amassed 40-50 IPL wins under their belt.

The only reason we are behind right now, in my opinion, is because of that. We will definitely improve if we have the opportunity to play in a domestic tournament like the IPL before going on to play internationally.

“Before playing international cricket, Australians watch 20-30 WBBL matches. It will help you improve your skills and gain experience in international cricket so you don’t feel lost,” she added.

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