Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc pauses his delivery as he sees Theunis de Bruyn leave his crease early at the non-strike end.

It was the fourth day of the second Test between Australia and South Africa, and Mitchell Starc was due to bowl the final ball of the 17th over for the South Africans. While Starc was on his run-up, Theunis de Bruyn left his crease.

The contentious method of dismissal in cricket is running the batter out at the non-end strikers if he or she leaves the crease before the ball is bowled. There are fans and professionals who are on board with the law, but many more believe it should be scrapped because of its unfairness. The form of dismissal was changed from “unfair play” to “run out” by the Marylebone Cricket Club earlier this year, and the ICC adopted this change on October 1.

Whatever the fans and experts think, it is undeniable that batters sometimes get an unfair edge by leaving the crease early at the non-strike end. Bowlers typically provide a warning to batters who commit such offenses rather than dismissing them on the first offense to combat this issue, which has generated continuous controversy.

During the second Test between Australia and South Africa that was just played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australian pacer Mitchell Starc became irritated and warned South African batter, Theunis de Bruyn.

Starc was scheduled to deliver the final ball of the 17th over of the South African innings on day 4 of the Boxing Day Test. While Starc had the ball in his hands, de Bruyn had already moved out of the way.

Starc avoided bowling that delivery and warned the hitter when he came back from the next one.

“You should not try to change the rules of the game. There’s really not much of a challenge here “said Starc.

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On Thursday, South Africa lost the second Test against top-ranked Australia by 182 runs, thereby ending the series.

The defeat ended a disappointing first two Tests for the tourists, who had already lost the opening game by six wickets in Brisbane in just two days. However, they still had a chance to salvage some pride by winning the third game in Sydney.

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