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Image of Harare Sports City from the archives.

Four more Super Six games, three more group matches, and the finals on July 9 are all scheduled for this location.

Zimbabwe Cricket issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that a fire has broken out at the Harare Sports Club, one of the two sites hosting the 2017 ICC Cricket World Cup qualifying matches. Although the fire started behind the southwest stand, the ground was spared thanks to the fire department’s prompt response. Zimbabwe Cricket and the ICC security team conducted an examination and determined that the remaining games can proceed as scheduled.

Zimbabwe Cricket has confirmed that a fire broke out at Harare Sports Club yesterday night, directly behind the southwest grandstand. There was no damage to any of the buildings on the ground since the City of Harare Fire Brigade responded swiftly and put out the fire. This will not influence tomorrow’s match at Harare Sports Club for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023,” the club said.

According to a source, flames could be seen from the southern end of the stadium after six hours of Zimbabwe’s six-wicket triumph over the Netherlands on Tuesday. The majority of the flaming debris was thatched roofing from Castle Corner, a popular hangout for the Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Union. On an open field with highly combustible material, the fire spread rapidly and was captured on tape to reach as high as trees outside the ground and close to the stands. The cause of the first spark is unknown.

Because of the Harare Sports Club’s close proximity to the strategically located Zimbabwe House, authorities were notified quickly. They put out the fire before it could spread and ruin the stands.

On Wednesday morning, the pitch was checked to ensure spectator safety and was declared clear. The arena has been packed ever since the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed, with interest in the national men’s squad at an all-time high.

Four more Super Six games, three more group matches, and the finals on July 9 are still to come at Harare Sports Club. The ODI World Cup will be held in India in October and November of this year, and the two nations that compete in the final will automatically qualify for that tournament.

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