Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli was a young cricketer.

For ex-Team India selector Sarandeep Singh, the team has lost some of Virat Kohli’s fire, vigor, and aggression.

In the opinion of former Team India selector Sarandeep Singh, the team has lost some of its vigor and aggression since Virat Kohli took over as captain. South Africa beat India by seven wickets in the second one-day international on Friday to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series. “Both in Tests and one-day internationals, India was a heavy favorite from the start. Although India suffered a humiliating defeat in the second Test match, the real issue isn’t with the team’s individual players. Captaincy is also a part of it. We had expected KL Rahul to be calm and cool, but if you look at Virat Kohli’s captaincy, you’ll find that he was fired up and energetic. In the same way that the squad used to play, but from the outside, it feels like the Indian team is lacking a little bit of that oomph. That spark and that energy is missing from them “According to Sarandeep,

“A total of 287 runs was amassed by them, which was a significant amount of runs. The South African side played admirably. They were focused on winning and playing with discipline. When it comes to Venkatesh Iyer, he’s a little slow, but he’s also an opener. He’s a strong batter who played well in Twenty20 cricket and could be a good addition to any team. He is now batting sixth in the order. Because the field is closed, he is unable to hit. In addition to his inability to take wickets, he is having a difficult time with the bat “he continued.

Prasidh Krishna, a fast bowler, should also be in the starting XI, according to Sarandeep.

“Although Mohammed Siraj is still out of commission, I strongly support Prasidh Krishna’s comeback. An opportunity should be provided to the tall, youthful quick bowler “Sarandeep remarked.

“The way we dropped catches makes me believe that India’s fielding was equally subpar. It’s easy to see how singles were passed around. All of a sudden Virat Kohli seemed to have vanished from view, and the fielding circle was completely empty. While he is outfield, he can’t be seen in the circle. A few things still need to be added, however “he went on to say.

Ex-selection panel member Ravi Shastri and India’s captain Virat Kohli are leading the team to great success, he claimed.

“Observe for yourself how well Ravi Shastri managed the squad. His ability to infuse the team with his charisma and energy. For the last seven years, this squad has thrived under the leadership of Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli, both of whom were aggressive in a way that is sorely lacking in today’s game. They need to be abrasive in order to win the game. Look at South Africa’s performance. They were aggressive, and they triumphed, as seen by their performance “explained the ex-selection committee member.

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