Sarfaraz Khan
Image from Sarfaraz Khan's file.

Sarfaraz Khan meets the 16.5 fitness requirement set by the current Indian team.

There have been rumors that Sarfaraz Khan’s absence from the Indian team is related to his fitness and discipline, but sources in Mumbai Cricket have denied these rumors. Mumbai cricket fans have defended the middle-order hitter, Sarfaraz, despite the general consensus in BCCI circles that he has to improve his fitness and be a bit more disciplined both on and off the pitch. After getting a critical hundred against Delhi the previous season, Sarfaraz’s gesture of pointing toward the dressing room was not well received.

It seemed like a jab at one of the selectors in the stands.

During a Ranji encounter in Delhi, Sarfaraz celebrated by donning his coach’s helmet and throwing it to the ground for his teammates to see. Instead of Chetan Sharma, it was selector Salil Ankola who was present. A source close to the cricketer told PTI on Monday that the team’s mood after Sarfaraz got them out of a tight spot was one of relief.

“Is it even wrong to be exalted in your celebration and that too when you are pointing towards your own dressing room,” the insider said.

Even though MP coach Chandrakant Pandit reportedly wasn’t pleased with his attitude on a certain occasion, our insider assures us that Pandit has always been quite caring towards him.

He is like a son to Chandu sir. Since he was 14 years old, he’s known him, and he’s always spoken well of him. According to the source, “he would never be angry with Sarfaraz.”

Those closest to Sarfaraz are curious about his treatment by the Indian squad.

Cricket-wise, he has batted for two days straight and fielded for another two, and he meets the current Indian team’s fitness standard of 16.5.

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