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Shahbaz Ahmed made his India debut against South Africa in the second ODI.

In the second ODI of the series against South Africa, Shabaz Ahmed made his debut for India in an international match. Shahbaz represents Bengal in domestic cricket despite being from Haryana.

Shahbaz Ahmed became the 247th player to represent the senior Indian national team in the One-Day international format. The Indian cricket team played South Africa in the second ODI of the three-match series on Sunday. In his first game with the ball, Shahbaz showed promise and notched his first wicket. But it hasn’t been an easy road for him to get to the Indian national squad. Despite coming from a lowly family, Shahbaz overcame several obstacles to follow his ambition. In fact, after Shahbaz made a significant choice about his profession, the all-rounder even received an ultimatum from his father.

Much to the dismay of his parents, Shahbaz left his engineering program early. Even so, he relocated to Kolkata from Haryana in order to continue playing domestic cricket. Shahbaz’s father warned the all-rounder as he was about to make this transition, telling him to either do something significant or not return at all.

The father of Shahbaz, Ahmed Jan, and the mother of Shahbaz, Abram, spoke candidly about the situation and their son’s cricket career in general in an interview with the Indian Express.

“He wanted to accomplish something significant. Because he was an excellent student, even his college professors informed him that it was a mistake. Shahbaz promised his department head, “One day, you will confer my degree upon me and also congratulate me.” And it occurred last year, “his mother remarked. According to Jan, he was supposed to clean the utensils because he couldn’t cook.

“Do something with your life, or don’t come back,” Jan said. “Maine usse us din kaha kuch kar ke aana, warna mat aana waapis.”

Partha Pratim Chowdhury assisted Shahbaz in gaining entry to the Tapan Memorial Club. The talented all-arounder had no chance of turning things around after that.

“Allah ke bheje hue farsighted hai, Partha Sir (Partha sir is an angel sent by the almighty). Who lends a roof to a complete stranger these days? Aaj ke waqt mey kaun kisi anjaan ko apne ghar mey rakhta hai, unhone Shahbaz ko apne bete ki tarah rakha, unhe jitni dua du wo kam hai. Shahbaz was cared for by Partha like his own son; no amount of prayers I offer will suffice “stated Abram, the mother of Shahbaz.

Shahbaz made his debut for his country on Sunday, but he has been a member of Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2020 in the Indian Premier League. Even with how much the 27-year-old has developed over the past several years, the future is undoubtedly bright.

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