Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma was not alone in his criticism of the announcer; R Ashwin did so as well.

After India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, lashed out at the broadcaster for referring to his century as the “first ODI century in 3 years,” Ravichandran Ashwin shared his agreement.

During the ODI series between India and New Zealand, India’s skipper, Rohit Sharma, expressed his dissatisfaction with the televising network. Following Rohit’s 30th century in the format, the commentator made a point of emphasizing the fact that this was the experienced batter’s first century in the format in three years. In the postgame news conference, Rohit voiced his disappointment and argued that the judgment wasn’t fair because he has played so few ODIs recently. As of now, Ravichandran Ashwin has joined Rohit in wanting a different perspective on the ‘perception.

“Rohit Sharma brought up a wonderful point concerning broadcasters, arguing that they should be accountable for providing the public with accurate information. R Ashwin says in a YouTube video, “I have discussed at length about this impression, how it might solidify into an idea.

“If you keep telling the fans that there was a three-year gap or a four-year gap, the fans who are keen and the selectors and others who are part of the system will figure out the reality eventually. But if you consider the viewpoint of the average person and try to impose such knowledge on them, they will likely respond with something like, “Yeah, he hasn’t scored runs.” A lot of fresh ones are getting goals. He said, “Get rid of him.”

Ashwin said Rohit was correct to raise the problem with the network, adding that they should be reporting on such “facts” more responsibly. The veteran off-spinner also praised Rohit for his dominance in the 50-over format, citing his five hundred in the 2019 World Cup as an example.

Therefore, as Rohit Sharma pointed out, broadcasters need to take responsibility for handling such incidents.

Over the course of the 2019 World Cup, he racked up a series of century marks. In the One-Day International World Cup, he was the best player. The last ten to fifteen years of Rohit Sharma’s performance in limited-overs cricket has been unimpeachable, according to Ashwin.

His actual score was 34 out of a possible 38. He stepped up to the challenge and began smashing the other bowlers. The burden was lightened for his fellow batters thanks to his efforts. Even during the discussion of the innings, the phrase “yet another failure for Rohit Sharma” was frequently used. In addition, Ashwin remarked on how unexpected it all was.

Since the selectors have been giving younger players more opportunities in Twenty20 Internationals, Rohit will have his chance to shine in the upcoming four-game Test series against Australia.

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