Meg Lanning
In the Women's World Cup, Australian captain Meg Lanning believes that the team can strengthen its fielding.

In the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 on Saturday, Australia skipper Meg Lanning acknowledged her joy and noted that her team needed to improve their fielding in order to beat India by six wickets in the last over.

In a thrilling final over of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 here at Eden Park on Saturday, Australia captain Meg Lanning acknowledged her joy and stressed her team needed to improve their fielding. Meg Lanning scored a stunning 97, while Alyssa Healy opened the batting for Australia and scored 72 in quick succession to build the groundwork for their victory. Australian fielding must also be improved, according to Meg Lanning, if her team is to fare better in their next matches in the tournament.

“They have a world-class squad with some true match-winners, and their performance at halftime was about average. We were confident in that decision because the wicket was a ripper. It’s fantastic for the team’s morale because they beat such a strong opponent. In the field, we were a little flustered, which placed us under a lot of strain. We like winning and strive to improve with each game “Meg Lanning stated this, as well.

“Despite the fact that we’ll be victorious today, we’ve still got work to do. It took some getting used to seeing the ground, but we eventually figured it out. The pockets are enormous, and many of the grounds in New Zealand are, so we’ll have to get used to it as early as possible. We were confident that we could handle it. The rear of it would be broken by a few restrictions, “She went on.

In the dying stages of the match, Beth Mooney stepped in to keep Australia calm and composed. Chasing grew more challenging in the penultimate over when Lanning fell short of her century by three runs. But Australia was put out in the final over when Beth Mooney bowled a perfect over.

“When Moons [Mooney] stepped in to relieve some of my stress, I was able to establish a few new boundaries. His and his partner’s efforts got us off to a wonderful start, and it was up to us to finish the job. With the steely look on her face, you could tell that Healy was in command of today’s game “I’m talking about Meg Lanning here.

Australia has now qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup 2022 with five victories.

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