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According to NDTV’s reporting, Chetan Sharma, who led the BCCI men’s cricket team selection committee from December 2020 till late last year, will most likely remain in his role as a top selector.

According to NDTV’s reporting, former India cricketer Chetan Sharma, who led the BCCI selection committee for the men’s cricket squad from December 2020 until late last year, will likely remain in his role as a top selector. When the BCCI began the process to appoint a new selection panel at the end of last year, the Chetan Sharma-led panel was dissolved in November. Nonetheless, it is now quite probable that Chetan will continue in his current post. A total of seven retired Indian cricketers were interviewed on Monday for a spot on the team’s selection committee. Thirteen retired players have been chosen for further interviews on Tuesday.

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), directed by Ashok Malhotra, interviewed applicants for the national selection committee. Some of the people who showed up for Monday’s CAC interviews included Chetan Sharma, Harvinder Singh, Amay Khurasia, Ajay Ratra, SS Das, S Sharath, and Connor Williams. Venkatesh Prasad did not make the final cut. Harvinder Singh is also expected to remain on the panel of judges, say sources.

At the time, in November of 2022, the BCCI stipulated several requirements for prospective candidates, such as “shall have played a minimum of 7 Test matches or 30 First Class matches or 10 ODI and 20 First Class matches.” Candidates “should have retired from the game at least five years ago,” another criticism leveled at them. As of the 28th of November, applications have to be submitted for consideration.

With these considerations in mind, the BCCI also said in a news release that “no person who has been a member of any Cricket Committee (as defined in the rules and regulations of BCCI) for a total of 5 years shall be eligible to be a member of Men’s Selection Committee.”

As part of the same news release, the BCCI detailed eight “major job duties/responsibilities” for the selectors. The following are the phrases:

1. In a totally open and honest process, pick the greatest squad you can.
2. The Senior Men’s National Team needs to plan and prepare for a deep bench.
3. Participate in Team Meetings as Needed.
4. Visit distant cities to catch matches both at home and abroad.
5. During each quarter, you must compile a report for the Apex Council of BCCI detailing the performance of each team.
6. Respond to the media regarding team selection as directed by BCCI.
7. In each game mode, choose a captain.
8. Comply with BCCI’s regulations and rules.

There are two aspects of the work that have never been mentioned before in postings for selection committees: (1) appointing a captain for each format and (2) preparing and providing an evaluation report of respective team performance to the Apex Council of BCCI on a quarterly basis.

The BCCI job description now includes, for the first time, the requirement that the chairman address media inquiries pertaining to the team.

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