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Australia’s all-rounder Glenn Maxwell broke his leg during the ongoing ODI series against England, and he has now explained what happened.

Aussie all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has explained how he broke his leg and was forced to miss the One-Day Internationals (ODI) series against England. He has also expressed doubt that he will recover in time to play in the upcoming February 2019 Test series against India. After a friend fell on Maxwell’s broken leg at his 50th birthday party in November, the length of time he will be sidelined is unknown.

“My friend, who was also one of my professors, and I were making fun of each other, and I pretended to chase him off to wherever. I’d say we both took four steps out, and we both fell at the same time. Unfortunately, he fell at a terrible angle and landed directly on my leg, and I just got my foot stuck “In an interview with Cricket Australia’s Unplayable Podcast, Maxwell made the following statement.

“It suddenly broke. I was acutely aware of every nuance. It hurt quite a lot. I was yelling a little, and he kept saying, “Please tell me you’re joking.” “In addition, he said.

Maxwell also described the agony he felt after breaking his leg.

“During those two days, I was in such much pain that I didn’t want to do anything but lie awake. Those two days were the worst of my life. My wife, on the other hand, was absolutely fantastic. My fibula is shattered. That was the first crack I heard, I suppose. The bone was broken in two places; first, it was snapped in half “according to Maxwell.

Maxwell said this concerning the upcoming Test match against India: “There’s a strict deadline for when they can reveal the squad to India, and it’s quite likely that I won’t make the cut. They’ll have to witness me playing cricket, and if they do, they’ll be taking a huge gamble.”

“Perhaps that’s why I’m hesitant to commit to a specific return date or time frame. I hope very much that I will be able to participate in it, but my health and fitness are currently my master’s slave “A further statement made by him.

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