Shreyas Iyer
Photograph of Shreyas Iyer that was taken for archival purposes.

Ex-New Zealand cricketer Scott Styris has recently commented that Iyer would be an excellent captain for India due to his strong leadership skills.

For the Indian cricket squad, Shreyas Iyer has become a solid option in the middle order. His level head has also helped him command two different IPL teams. Iyer, though, appeared vulnerable against the short ball during the recent tour of England. Former New Zealand player Scott Styris has now suggested that Iyer’s leadership characteristics make him a good contender for India captaincy. The New Zealander superstar did, however, note that Iyer has batting faults that require fixing.

“Shreyas Iyer’s leadership qualities are what I admire most about him. I also see him as a potential captain for India. Because of this, I hope he gets more playing time with this team and even more playing time in general “As Scott Styris recently stated on SPORTS18.

“Unfortunately, there is no mystery about Shreyas, which is something I do not enjoy. The short ball is where he really struggles. Since I doubt he has figured out how to defend against them, I predict that many teams will send their quick bowlers at him, looking to attack the body with the bouncer, going under the armpit if they need to. In that respect, he’s somewhat analogous to Suresh Raina, as opposing teams have learned how to counter his strategies. In order to be successful, Shreyas Iyer must figure out how to counteract that type of bowling. Assuming he is capable of such a feat, I would expect his name to be among the first recorded in that Indian section. He has a lot going for him, and I hope he succeeds eventually; if he doesn’t, though, you should go elsewhere; he’s obviously gifted.”

When the ODI and T20I series against the West Indies begins, Iyer will be there to play.

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